Weekly Roundup (May 13, 2018)

This week TurtleCoin turns 6 months old, our chat reached 10,534 Turtles, and our Facebook has almost 10,000! Join us on Discord @ chat.turtlecoin.lol

Vote For TurtleCoin as Best Community at the Crypto Influence Awards!

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Ryan’s Turtle Racing Steals the Show!

  • Ryan’s Turtle Racing — “Hello, quick check in on Turtle Coin Racing. I recently added and am testing Show and Place bets (betting for 2nd and 3rd place in the race), it has three environments now with two lengths to each course, and a ball dropping mini-game between races to earn points. Still a bit embarrassed to release the code (amateur programming and personal stuff is hard coded) so short term goals are cleaning it up and then opening sourcing the code. I don’t want to run betting with real TRTL personally as it’d be gambling (but if someone wants to add that go for it it shouldn’t be hard), I think it is a fun game in its own right that promotes TurtleCoin in theme and with prizes, with an executable distributed for streamers to host their own races eventually”

Amptile shows support for the TRTL community with a really cool printed tee and laminated info cards for the local community! Great work Amptile!

  • Amptile’s community outreach project — well, everyone talks about how much they love the community and I just thought, why not help expand it. It’s been stated months ago that we want turtles value to be an organic growth and what better way than to leave quick tidbits of info laying around the physical world and not just online. We can leave these at typical hang outs for younger people who are more incline to enter the world of crypto.” — amptile

EncryptedUnicorn’s One Click Miner

  • One-Click-Miner —“ After my final exams, I’m still alive and back for my turtle friends! And I even found time to continue my work on the upcoming release of the one click miner. You can already see some changes in the screenshot including the support for multiple miners coming with the new algorithm as well as more pool selection options. Coding is nearly done and after some finishing touches and when everything hopefully goes well, I’ll upload the sources and release a new version during the next days. Thanks for being so patient! Much love to you all ❤” — EncryptedUnicorn

turtlecoin/one-click-minerone-click-miner - One click miner GUI for xmr-stak to specifically mine the Turtlecoingithub.com

  • TheDome’s Web Wallet — “Started working on a community web wallet, the big update will be released may 20th. With a new material design and much more features.”

TheDome’s Web Wallet!!!!

turtlecoin/php-turtlecoin-webwalletphp-turtlecoin-webwallet - PHP Web Walletgithub.com

  • TurtleCoin.com — “After some discussions in chat about the TurtleCoin domain, I decided to get in touch with the domain broker who owned turtlecoin.com and negotiate a purchase price. The domain now mirrors the TurtleCoin website.” — UAOverall
  • TurtleCoin Docker — The first beta of the TurtleCoin docker container auto build is live and available for anyone who wants to run the TurtleCoin daemon under docker or k8s.” — TOM
    “Not much has changed re the docker automated build in the past week. Tom is running it under k8s, and I’m running it under docker swarm without issue. Needs a bit of a tidy-up and a README polish and will shortly be ready to be ‘official’.
    In other news I’m delighted to note that one Kiwi, and 2 cheeky Australians have joined my little antipodean TurtleCoin mining pool!” — FunkyPenguin
  • Turtle Nest GUI Wallet — “Nest wallet 0.22 update is out. It is advised to upgrade as it uses the latest version of core, 0.5.0. I would like to thank again the community for its great welcome and support. And congratulations to the core devs for the quick and efficient reaction to the recent attacks on the network. For Nest users who sync locally, please note that you might experience crashes of the syncing process around blocks 437K-440K. Just close your wallet and reopen it each time. Once you pass those blocks, operations will come back to normal. Have a great week!” — Jon Nest

turtlecoin/turtle-wallet-goturtle-wallet-go - A universal gui wallet for TurtleCoingithub.com

  • Dev Documentation — “I started an effort to document TurtleCoin APIs and the API libraries.” — ar-x

Developer Documentation coming soon!

ar-x/turtlecoin-api-docs-siteturtlecoin-api-docs-site - 🐢 API docs for TurtleCoin 🐢 Content is currently being sourced from ar-x/turtlecoin-wiki…github.com

Thanks TMAC25!!!

  • Krang Automation Project — Skilling up on git, ansible automation, aiming to do a commit in next couple of weeks. I know its been busy for me, Slow and Steady. Just letting you know its still alive. Also spoke with Funky Penguin and will work to integrate the docker images into the automation.” — Slash-atello

turtlecoin/krangkrang - The TurtleCoin Blockchain Automation Suitegithub.com

  • Wiki —“The wiki work has been going great! The functionality is working well and it’s looking like a major upgrade. Need to work out some kinks, but it’s chugging along and looking like it’ll be done soon :D” — Sajo8

Sajo8’s wiki project

Sajo811/turtledocsContribute to turtledocs development by creating an account on GitHub.github.com

  • Market-Chat-Bot — “The market-chat bot has been added, everytime it detects any market-related talk, it prints out a message letting the author know it’s not welcome there. Big shoutout to @Zpalmtree for helping me with the bot!” — Sajo8

Sajo8’s Market Chat Bot

Sajo811/turtlecoin-market-linkerturtlecoin-market-linker - A bot to respond with a message if it detects market talkgithub.com

- Facebook Turtle Community grew from 9,000 to over 14,000 followers this week!

  • RainBorg — “This week RainBorg hit a huge milestone; thanks to the amazing generosity of our friendly turtle-loving community, she has officially received over 1,000,000 TRTL in donations!” — BasedVico

Global Stats:
Total TRTL Sent: 646,847.84 TRTL
Total Tips Sent: 7862
Average Tip: 82.28 TRTL

  • Happy Birthday to Connor “CSD113” Dawkins who turns 20 today!

  • turtlecoin-walletd-rpc-python — I’m very happy to report that we’ve had the first contributor to our turtlecoin-walletd-rpc-python project! timmcleod added support to get the mnemonic seed for a wallet.” — FantasticSleep

turtlecoin/turtlecoin-walletd-rpc-pythonturtlecoin-walletd-rpc-python - A Python wrapper for the TurtleCoin JSON-RPC interfacegithub.com