Weekly Roundup (Mar 23, 2018)

The chat grew to 9,102 Turtles this week! Great job guys!

  • One Click Miner — I got in touch with the elusive EncryptedUnicorn who whipped up a really cool GUI frontend for a popular mining software most of us use. “In the upcoming version(s) of the One Click Miner project for TurtleCoin you’ll be able to select pools manually or with more automatic selection features like for example ‘prefer smaller payouts’. There’ll also be settings for intensity/xmr-stak fine tuning in the advanced options for both Nvidia and AMD cards. Finally, I want to clean up the code and comment most parts, so that anyone understanding C# will be able to help me, which I’ll need at some point and am looking forward to.”
    Github — https://github.com/turtlecoin/one-click-miner

  • ios-pool-monitor — I’m always excited to see what these mobile projects come up with! It looks like there is a visual language evolving herein how our UIs look and it’s really looking good. Of course that’s just my opinion, and I’m only one Rock!
    Here’s a quote “iOS Pool Monitor got a radical new TurtleCoin shell logo loader this week! We also switched the app over to a new remote pools list JSON that we plan to use as a unified list for other applications. Create a new issue here to get your Forknote pool added” Great job! I can’t wait to see what you comes next!

Fexra’s RimWorld base

  • Fexra’s Web Wallet — Fexra turned into a degenerate gamer/gambler over the week, and took a break from web wallet development.
    I been on hiatus this week playing RimWorld. I’m very excited as I’m writing this because Marjot and Nguyen are getting married! It’s sure going to be a good atmosphere in my colony! For those wondering what’s up with the web wallet, I got some decent news: it’s done (more or less yah?)! This weekend I will be stress testing it and preparing the servers for the beta. I would like to thank everyone for being so patient and helping me out throughout these weeks! For those who are worried, don’t be, I just shaved.”
    I figured you guys would want answers though, so here’s at least a picture of his fort in RimWorld. I’ll admit, it’s pretty cool looking!

  • Chuck Turtles — I caught up with the guy running the CryptoGifts store and asked him what we could do to make our blocks faster, and he said he had just the thing! He hopped in his shell and went back in time to grab us this exclusive pair of Chuck Turtles, which are a blast from the past and an instant favorite in the community! “I noticed that the biggest thing the Turtlecoin community was lacking was that nobody yet had badass hi-top sneakers, so I decided to design some. I expect these to be the biggest fashion trend of 2018. Also, the store now finally accepts Turtlecoin as payment using fexra’s Woocommerce plugin and even offers a discount for using it.”

  • TRTL.WORLD — Not sure if you’ve noticed, but when you load our main page, you can see a heatmap visualization of everyone using TurtleCoin currently, or who runs their own node. The same guy who made this, Ereptor, also made us a really cool visualizer where you can scroll around the globe to see all of our users. “TRTL.WORLD displays the spread of Turtles around the globe via geolocation of entries from the node peer list. Future plans for the site include showing pool locations and other network statistics.”

  • Jon’s TurtleCoin Nest GUI Wallet — About the nest, I’d say I thought a universal simple and easy to use gui wallet was missing and I did my best to provide that. Considering that I have a lot of friends who bought a little turtles and they all asked me to keep their trtls as they are afraid to use a cli.

  • Take V’s GUI Shell Wallet — “Taking a break from back-end and functional work to do a complete overhaul/redesign of my UI… So far I’m only (almost done) with the menu lol. I couldn’t help doing some back end work while I was at it, I added locally stored address nicknames (separate from address book names, solely for helping to keep track of addresses within your wallet)… Also started work on a themes option that will be customizable in the end.”

I have been following bitcoin and monero for a while. I wanted to develop but felt humbled by those big projects, and when I saw TurtleCoin, I knew that it was my opportunity to start developing and learning more technical stuff in the crypto space, in a smaller, more modest and more fun community. > — Jon, Turtle Nest Developer

  • ZPalmtree’s Simplewallet — “The simplewallet rewrite has had a few bug fixes and is now working 100% on Windows. Hopefully it will be landing on your PC’s soon, when we finish up a few last tweaks on the daemon and push out a ton of fixes to you all”
  • Reddit Turtle Tip Bot —The Turtlecoin Reddit tip bot is long overdue. It has been successfully tested and the instructions for use will be posted to the TRTL subreddit sometime tonight.”
  • Public Nodes by TurtleNode — “I’ve spun up more nodes in Singapore! Next stop, Frankfurt. Currently working on enhancements to the API proxy to provide other supporting data that will be used elsewhere including validation that nodes have not forked. This will help feed data to the HA script that will kick a node if it deviates off track. Also working on a web controller for the HA scripts to make it easier to manage a node.”

  • Madk’s Tip Bot — “The tip bot has become even more popular in the past week thanks to awesome contributions from Pypper. More features are in the pipeline, including tipping directly to addresses!”