Weekly Roundup (Mar 16, 2018)

The chat grew to 8,902 Turtles this week!

The New TurtleCoin YouTube Intro — Nolo Yojimbo

“When I first came across TurtleCoin I loved the idea of it and the culture behind it. I wanted the logo intro to show the speed, encryption, and strength of the coin with the reminder to, have fun in the end. I look forward to being a contributing member of the community with the goal of helping to translate the concept of Turtle Coin visually, through design and marketing.” — Nolo Yojimbo

woo-turtle makes it really easy to accept TRTL on your woo-commerce store

  • Fexra’s Woo Turtle Extension — Fexra made a Woo-commerce integration that securely talks to our TurtleCoin software so that merchants can open stores in just a few minutes and start selling! This is awesome! I had to get a quote: “The TurtleCoin WooCommerce Extension, a gateway plugin for the ecommerce software WooCommerce that runs on WordPress, has received some very much needed updates today! Thanks to @TheTimeWalker the plugin supports now any local currency that CryptoCompare offers a BTC pair with. Furthermore, I have added RCP password support, allowing the plugin to interact with the latest version of the TurtleCoin walletd daemon. I would also like to thank @derp-derp-derp for getting me motivated to siginificantly improve the readme file and admin panel instructions. For instructions, screenshots and the code head over to our repo. Much love, Fexra.”

turtlecoin/woo-turtlewoo-turtle - WooCommerce plugin for TurtleCoingithub.com

Iburnmycd’s Public Tracker and Public Daemons! Thank you!

  • Iburnmycd’s Public Daemon Tracker and Daemon Proxy— “My wife and I love TRTL and the community. This is our way of contributing. I’m working on improving on my node monitoring wrapper over the next few days that helps keep the node synced and responsive. Once that’s done I’ll be working on cleaning up my API proxy that interacts with any publicly reachable node so that I can publish that to github as well. Sometime in between those things I’ll spin up additional nodes in Europe for my Public node service. Looking forward to big things with Turtlecoin.”

brandonlehmann/turtlecoin-api-proxyturtlecoin-api-proxy - Provides an easy to use proxy interface for interacting with multiple TurtleCoin Nodesgithub.com

brandonlehmann/turtlecoind-haContribute to turtlecoind-ha development by creating an account on GitHub.github.com

Wiedo’s Transaction Checker Bot

  • Wiedo’s Transaction Checker Bot — “I love the TurtleCoin community so I’d like to give something back. I have a little bit of time and it’s been a while since I programmed something so I started with something small. Four hours later I had a discord bot running which checks if your TRTL transaction is confirmed or not.” Great job Wiedo! I can’t wait to see this in our #bots channel!

Ms Bones aka Mooshmouse on Facebook submitted some really cool fan art that got a really positive response in the chat a few nights ago! Her art is NSFW I’ve been told, so save that search for after work!

How To Be A Good TurtleAn illustrated Guide For Identifying Good Turtlesmedium.com

When asked to provide a quote about his new role as Warden, Moot slid a kite under the door to Watter which read the following…

ZPalmtree’s new CLI wallet

  • ZPalmTree New Wallet — “I’ve been working on updating simplewallet to be a bit more user friendly. Hopefully the UI will be a bit a bit easier for newbies to get used to, and the program will let you know when things are taking a while rather than leaving you in the dark. It also has some cool new features like fusion transaction and transaction splitting to prevent your turtles from ever getting stuck, and view only wallets!”

  • Cision’s Block Explorer — “I’m really happy that i’m able to contribute a blockexplorer service to our turtlecoin community, i will set up a load balancer over the weekend so there will be a failover system for it — alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.”
    Turtle-Block Block Explorer — http://turtle-block.com

Take V’s GUI Wallet

  • TakeV’s GUI Wallet “Shell Wallet”— “Slowly adding a simple network monitor to my wallet app, and fixed most of the bugs I was having. Need to fix up the loading time since it still takes like 5–10 seconds to load a wallet file and verify the password and server info, getting there”

BrandonT42/Shell-WalletShell-Wallet - An RPC based client wallet application built for use on the Turtlecoin (TRTL) network.github.com

Rainbot’s taking a week off — It has come to our attention that the rainbot has been used for a malicious purpose, for this reason, we have decided to temporarily disable it. In hopes to relaunch with a fair and equal system that makes everyone feel included — Xsais

Wise words from Alien

Madk’s Tipbot++ is an instant hit!

  • Madk’s Tipbot++ — “Turtlecoin is a community project, and the best way to grow it is to share the love, which is why I wrote trtlbot++, a new tipping bot for the discord channel. Plenty of new features are on the way, including tipping multiple people at once and joining in on someone else’s tip!” mad “not a professional quote maker” k

  • CptCrunch’s Stickers — Looking to show off to the other TRTL Miners? Wanna Slightly increase your miner’s hash rate? Then get yourself an OFFICIAL TRTL Sticker. Currently we have The Turtle Shield with the Name And just the Turtle Coin Shield Each Sticker can be yours for 9K Turtle. + FREE Shipping within the US. For all you International Turtles. Shipping is $1.15 USD. I am currently still covering this cost but I do take TIPS to my Wallet
    All payments can be sent to : TRTLuy3FLBFaqyi13pgp3g7h8tH5BffSNeeEMF9c2e2CRKx2yJFpN9kcDnpfrHbynr5LpM8Li9UY4ifTrs4wAtm2WxVyYfQRi59
    DM me your shipping address or an address you can pickup the stickers from if you want to stay anonymous. I don’t disclose your mailing address with anyone or 3rd party Advertisers! LOL Above is a Picture of the Stickers. Cowabunga! TRTL Crew

Ryan’s Turtle Racing

  • Ryan’s Turtle Racing — “Turtle Racing is developing slowly and steadily. Turtles are now saved entities so every time you see one by that name it will have the same skin, accessories, and some base stats that will be surfaced. Names are now read in from chat and put into a database with a daily login bonus. Betting odds and camera angles are currently being worked on. Keep an eye on the chat where I look forward to having some test races soon.”

Fexra’s Web Wallet

  • Fexras Web Wallet — “Development on TurtleWallet took a slight detour this week, with the implementation of a queue job processing system. In simple words, this will allow turtles too keep using the TurtleWallet like normal (except for receiving transactions), when connection is lost with the blockchain. This creates a very smooth user experience, which I hope will make the web wallet and its API a stable solution. I’m further pleased to announce that sending, receiving and confirming transactions is now fully functional, along with an app and email notification system. About 95% of the functionality has been implemented now, and focus will be put on the public website, user design and server security the coming days in preparation of the Beta. I know I promised the Beta this week, but it may take a tad longer due to the slight detour, stated earlier :)” — Fexra Zuckerberg Esquire III
  • TurtleCoinCashGold RIP — We hardly knew ye.

RocksteadyTC/TurtlecoinCashGoldGitHub is where people build software. More than 27 million people use GitHub to discover, fork, and contribute to over…github.com

  • Just in case you missed our livestream on Category5TV, our community members 98Shiraz and Jeffw did our first 4 hour long typhoon party live stream on their awesome channel, Category5TV on YouTube. You guys should check them out and give them a subscribe to show thanks!
  • turtlecoin-walletd-rpc -python — “this is the beginning of the library and basic funcationallity like creating addresses, viewing balances or keys, sending transactions work fine. Fusion transactions are missing but i’ll work on that next. Also there will be proper docs and package will be uploaded on pypi (so people can just pip install it)” -FantasticSleep

turtlecoin/turtlecoin-walletd-rpc-pythonturtlecoin-walletd-rpc-python - A Python wrapper for the TurtleCoin JSON-RPC interfacegithub.com

  • derp-derp-derp iOS Tracker — “The iOS version of Pool Monitor picked up some help from another Turtle this week and we published a couple of maintenance releases including:
    — Remote pools list management for faster updates
    — Bugfix where app crashed when no hash rate chart was available from pool API
    — Connection check and API down error handling
    — Added mine.tortugamor.cf
    — Added trtl.mine2gether.com
    — Removed pool.trtl.me
    — Removed sewer.ninja”

turtlecoin/ios-pool-monitorios-pool-monitor - Monitor TurtleCoin Pools on iOSgithub.com

Shoutouts and Honorable Mention

We are excited to be introducing a new dev-turtle to the pack! Welcome wmccurry!

Alien shouts out the TurtleCoin Instagram

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