Weekend Roundup (May 6, 2018)

In this episode, Zpalmtree crashes half the network and we all try to keep eating like everything’s fine…

  • Network Blip — Services are returning to normal after this morning’s interruptions :) Please check your daemons for uptime just in case.

Nest v0.21 released

  • Nest GUI — Jon’s “Nest” GUI gets an upgrade, with help from Zoidian! “With Nest featured on the official TurtleCoin website as the number one GUI wallet came a spike in downloads, and with that, a spike in dev motivation. Today’s 0.21 release of Nest brings, among other things, the possibility to change the fee and the mixin count, a button to transfer the full balance, confirmation dialogs for transfer and wallet creation, the app has its proper icon, and last but not least, thanks to zoidian, no more annoying, unnecessary, exasperating, infuriating walletd black window. Our windows users will know what I’m talking about…” — Jon

turtlecoin/turtle-wallet-goturtle-wallet-go - A universal gui wallet for TurtleCoingithub.com

  • Simplewallet— “Next version of simplewallet will display payment ID’s if one is present, in list_transfers. This is handy for pestering madk if you fucked up your tip bot deposit!” — ZedPea
  • How to Make a Turtle Pool! — No, this isn’t our famous Turtle Soup recipe, this is actually a user contributed guide about how to set up a Turtle Pool from A to Z! So cool! FunkyPenguin has been on a roll lately and this is something we really needed! Thanks FunkyPenguin!

Turtle Pool - Funky Penguin’s Geek Cookbook Cryptocurrency miners will “pool” their GPU resources (“ hashpower”) into aggregate “ mining pools”, so that by the…geek-cookbook.funkypenguin.co.nz

  • Pools JSON List —In recent weeks a few new pools have been added to the official pools list JSON. — derp3x

turtlecoin/turtlecoin-pools-jsonturtlecoin-pools-json - A JSON List of TurtleCoin Pools for Apps and Servicesgithub.com

  • Nodes JSON List —We figured it was a good idea to also create a list of open public daemons the same way we do the pools JSON.— RockSteady

turtlecoin/turtlecoin-nodes-jsonturtlecoin-nodes-json - json list of public daemonsgithub.com

Congrats to the Facebook Turtles out there! You guys are almost bigger than the chat!

Now you can set your own mining payouts! Thanks Yami!

  • Dynamic Pool Payouts! —With dynamic payouts turtles don’t have to worry about spam of transactions each day. Now it can be set high enough to get one payment from pool per day or if a turtle prefers even more sparsely.” — YamiM0nster
  • Docker takes over! — Tom, Andrew, FunkyPenguin and a few other Turtles are working day after day to bring us better Docker facilities. Hopefully some day this will make spawning pools and services a one click affair. I asked Tom and FP for comment,
    “once the automated build gets a bit more review I’ll have something to say. I was thinking of making a version based on that image that syncs the block chain, then deletes the DB so that when a user stands up the image it has a copy of the chain in it. But I am not sure if folks would use that.” — Tom

“Strategic fixes have been applied to the turtle-pool code to make it container-friendly. @tom `uroborus` and I are working towards creating automatically built “official” docker images for the turtle daemon and pools, so that docker deployments can easily be kept up-to-date” — FunkyPenguin



  • RainBorg — “RainBorg has been doing just fine this week, with no down time whatsoever, beyond a few planned updates I made to her code. Her tip balance has been looking great thanks to some charitable donations from some good turtles out there! Current stats are as follows:”

Total TRTL Sent: 487,230.14 TRTL
Total Tips Sent: 6089
Average Tip: 80.02 TRTL

turtlecoin/rainborgrainborg - A bot that sends TRTL tips to active users on the TurtleCoin discord server.github.com

BasedVico’s Web Wallet —“My web wallet has entered beta testing on a testnet, and is getting very close to being ready for the public. This week, I added basic fusion/wallet optimization, a few UI and settings tweaks, as well as… Wait for it… A way to send TRTL to people that don’t yet have wallets! When the web wallet is released, you’ll be able to simply enter the person’s name and the amount you’d like to send, and a link will be generated that you can then share with them. They can use this link to create a new wallet account, and the balance will already be loaded onto it for them.” — BasedVico

New Subreddit logo from NasPower!

Last but not least, have a good week everyone :) You’ve all outdone yourselves!