Weekend Roundup (APR 27, 2018)

The TurtleCoin Discord chat grew to 10,300 members this week! Join us at chat.turtlecoin.lol

Thanks to AceCore and Cyr0wned for taking this pic at their favorite pizza place in Vienna’s 14th District

Two Turtles walk into a pizza joint… AceCore and Cyr0wned were recently at a new favorite pizza place out in their neighborhood, and I got a chance to talk to them about this new Turtles Pizza Shop We were in our favorite pizza place which opened recently. Always satisfied with their product we introduced them to the exciting world of cryptocurrency and especially Turtlecoin. The owner of the restaurant was so interested and agreed to take a photo to share with this awesome community. We look forward to pay our delicious turtle pizza with sweet, sweet Turtlecoin in the near future.” — AceCore

  • TurtleCoin v0.4.4 released — Now with more cheese in the crust!

turtlecoin/turtlecointurtlecoin - TurtleCoin is a private, fast, and easy way to send money to friends and businesses!github.com

  • Progress continues on the TurtleCoin Wiki — Thanks to all the turtles involved, and I’m especially proud of all of the new turtles who swore that they didn’t know how to use GitHub or markdown who are turning in lots of work! Great job guys! Welcome back AR-X!

turtlecoin/turtlecoin-wikiturtlecoin-wiki - Documentation for all things TurtleCoingithub.com

  • NasPower takes papercraft to a new level with all new FREE TurtleCoin designs for those of you at home with a printer and a few minutes! Check out his designs, they’re legit! Download them for free from the link below and submit your pictures of what you’ve made!

The Fancy Truck — http://myturtlecoin.blogspot.com/p/turtlecoin-truck-01.html

The Corporate Truck — http://myturtlecoin.blogspot.com/p/turtlecoin-truck-02.html

The Sporty Truck — http://myturtlecoin.blogspot.com/p/turtlecoin-truck-03.html

The P-40B Plane — http://myturtlecoin.blogspot.com/p/turtlecoin-plane-p-40b-1.html

MY TURTLECOIN MARINENot a Turtlecoin mining pool or Turtlecoin Faucet… but a place I post anything that might be useful for the…myturtlecoin.blogspot.com

  • FunkyPenguin’s Docker Swarm Army Uprising — FunkyPenguin is our most recent container guy who’s on a quest to Docker all the things! So far, his efforts are paying off, and I look forward to his next creation! “In a bold quest to build an antipodean mining pool for the turtles of the north, south, and west (sometimes referred to as “‘stralia”) isles of New Zealand, I’m working on dockerizing a 3-node testnet (goodbye, 24GB of storage!) and a mining pool stack, with the ultimate goal of being a resilient, production-level mining pool, under Docker Swarm.” — FunkyPenguin

YamiM0nster’s Turtle-Pool Stats are now live!

    Turtle-pool now has worker stats! Thanks to YamiM0nster, we now have stats for each miner in the pool software. You can add messages, names, or labels to each miner so you know who hit which block. Good job!
    “Stat turtles can feel more in control now with worker stats added to the pool software!” — yamim0nster

  • The worker stats feature for the pool earned Yami a cool 300,000 TRTL just for his efforts in that single bounty. Cision, from TRTL AT Pool Party was the sponsor for this bounty, and funded it himself. Completing a bounty like this is a good way for anybody out there with any type of coding skill to join our chat and check out the #bounties channel for new opportunities to get some easy TRTL!

Just for those of you like myself who are curious, here is the transaction that paid Yami, on Cision’s block explorer, using our chat’s own Turtle TipBot++

TurtleCoin [TRTL] Block ExplorerPowered by Code from Partially based on Turtle Blockchain Explorer v. 1.0.0.Karbowanec Blockchain Explorer…turtle-block.com

turtlecoin/turtle-poolturtle-pool - Mining pool for TurtleCoingithub.com

  • Web Wallet —With much celebration, the highly demanded web wallet, ladies and tortoises.. Here’s a quote from BasedVico — “I have entered the prototyping phase for my newly started web wallet project, the basic functionality is working :)”

What some of you don’t know is, this is I think the 3rd web wallet we’ve had. An unknown pool operator had one on week 3, Fexra has one that’s pretty awesome but yet to be released, and then this one, which I’ll say is really visually appealing. This will greatly help out mobile users, as the video implies. BasedVico is really tearing up the trail this week!

  • RainBorg Art Event was held this past week! Check out NasPower’s blog for more deets

Rainborg Art Event at Turtlecoin Official DiscordTry my luck in Turtlecoin Rainborg (formely know as Turtlecoin Raindance) Art Bounties event.myturtlecoin.blogspot.com

  • TurtleNode.IO — “I’m testing a patch to the daemon RPC service on the public TurtleNodes that helps prevents crashes due to socket errors. If that works consistently, I’ll be looking in other places in the daemon for other occurrences of this fault to hopefully resolve it and help increase the stability of the daemon. I’m hoping on fixing up a few other logic errors in the turtlecoind-ha wrapper scripts that cause the script(s) to not always restart the services properly when it detects hangs or other issues. I’ll be traveling heavily next week and progress on either fronts will be a bit delayed.” — IburnMyCD

turtlecoin/turtlecoind-haContribute to turtlecoind-ha development by creating an account on GitHub.github.com

  • Python GUI Wallet — “Several large pull requests by dbileck were accepted into the python turtle-wallet. Progress is looking good, just a few more things left to do!” — CodIsAFish

turtlecoin/turtle-wallet-pythonContribute to turtle-wallet-python development by creating an account on GitHub.github.com

  • BasedVico’s Turtle API Wrapper in C# — BasedVico, author of the new Turtle Tip Bot has popped up with another hot repo, this time to help other aspiring graphical wallet makers get going quickly and easily with C# and TurtleCoin. “I found myself re-writing a lot of the same code whenever I wanted to make any sort of utility that required access to a TurtleCoin wallet, so I figured I’d do myself (and hopefully others) a favor, and create this little asynchronous session-based API for creating and managing daemon and wallet connections. My aim was to make it as easy to use as possible, while keeping it flexible.” — BasedVico

turtlecoin/turtlecoin-walletd-csharpturtlecoin-walletd-csharp - An asynchronous wrapper API for loading and accessing the TurtleCoin daemon and wallet…github.com

RainBorg — To the rejoice of rain-turtles everywhere, #Raindance has been re-enabled!
To those of you who aren’t in the know, we recently had to suspend a bot that is used to “make it rain” turtles in the chat because there was evidence of cheaters taking too many turtles. The new bot is here now, and better than ever, because no more will have to constantly watch a room to input your wallet address and only maybe catch rain. Now chatters are rewarded by chatting and participating in rooms where we’d like there to be more people concentrated. Currently the RainBorg, as we’re calling it, is watching #general, #help, #mining, #dev-general, and #dev-marketing. This is to reward people who keep #general looking presentable, and the people helping in #help and #mining, and last but not least, we want to attract nerds in #dev-general and artists in #dev-marketing.

Again, as with most of the projects in this week’s roundup, this is another BasedVico production! Way to go, man!

turtlecoin/rainborgrainborg - A bot that sends TRTL tips to active users on the TurtleCoin discord server.github.com