We have a pool at 86% of the network. Please consider moving your miners.

Folks, an unfortunate consequence of running a really great pool is that you attract more miners. Unfortunately for one pool, they’ve far exceeded a share of the network than what is healthy for all of us, so I’m asking you today to move.

This pool is making efforts to get it taken care of but this type of action needs to be done right more than it needs to be done quickly. They’re already putting together an automated solution to solve it, but in the days since the announcement, the share of the network has only increased. The reason for the delay is legit, so nobody is being greedy, but at a certain point we have to step in and do some helping.

If you or someone you know of is mining on this pool, especially if they have a 10kH or greater hashrate, please ask them to move. Every bit helps. If you are in a mining chat room or conversation, please ask other miners to pitch in and put a few GPU’s on other pools.

We will never ask a pool operator to piss in their own cheerios to help the network, because that is not a fair consequence of doing a really good job. I am asking you guys today to help us. Thanks.


Originally published at TurtleCoin.