TurtleCoin Weekly Roundup (May 27, 2018)

This week we grew to over 11,000 Turtles, passed 1 million in tips on Canti’s new RainBorg, and more!


TurtleRiddle — “Even though the first leg of the TurtleRiddle hasn’t been completed yet I’m going to put out another branch. I’m expecting these to be a little more solvable than certain levels of the first set, so it might be a race to the finish. Because of this I want to release it at a set time. The second branch of the TurtleRiddle will be uploaded at 22:00 UTC on Thursday, May 31. There will be over 500,000 TRTL total in the levels of the riddle. Good luck :)”— cvstn

cvstn/TurtleRiddleContribute to TurtleRiddle development by creating an account on GitHub.github.com


RainBorg — “This week I did a bit of behind the scenes work on RainBorg and her logic, as she finally surpassed 1,000,000 TRTL in total tips sent out!” — Canti

Current stats:
Total TRTL Sent: 1,028,188.93
TRTL Total Tips Sent: 12,359
Average Tip: 83.19 TRTL


Canti’s Unnamed Web Wallet

Unnamed Web Wallet — “This week brought with it some great insight as my (still as of yet unnamed) web wallet finally hit testnet open beta! After about five weeks of silent work, I decided it was finally time to open the doors to the public. It seems to be a hit, which just makes me all the more excited to get it up and running to its full potential! Feel free to check it out!— Canti

Come TEST IT NOW!The mobile-friendly TurtleCoin web wallet you’ve been waiting for 😉 🐢. Join the Discord server for TRTL to play with…vico-web-wallet.turtlecoin.ws

Fexra’s Web Wallet

TurtleWallet — “Since the beta launch, I have made quite some progress with TurlteWallet. Dozens of bugs have been discovered, and some logic behind the scenes is being improved to create a more stable experience. So far most bugs have been addressed and I have added currency conversion support for CAD and AUD. There is still a lot to do, which can be followed in our discord chat: chat.turtlewallet.io— Fexra

[Welcome TurtleWalletFexrabeta.turtlewallet.io](https://beta.turtlewallet.io/)

Discord - Free voice and text chat for gamersStep up your game with a modern voice & text chat app. Crystal clear voice, multiple server and channel support, mobile…chat.turtlewallet.io

LWMA Difficulty Algorithm — Work is still ongoing on the lwma difficulty algorithm. It is currently being tried out on the testnet, thanks to SoreGums for hosting this and setting it up.” — zpalm

Testnets — “TurtleCoin now has an official place for organising Testnets. These are networks where we can test things out before going live on the actual TurtleCoin network,aka mainnet. The two web wallets are running on the one called Vico-7xT. Check out the Org GitHub repo” — SoreGums

turtlecoin/testnettestnet - TurtleCoin Testnetgithub.com


TurtleCoin Snail Races — This idea came about after hearing all the hype about the Kentucky derby and preakness horse races and I thought hmm horse races is only for rich people what about races for the common person using turtle coin. The community voted between 3 different species of snails and the people chose the mystery snail. They also voted for our snails to be jade colored to represent the color of the turtles. Gonna start farming within the month and hope for weekly races by end of July early august. ” — Roger Robers

Gladiator Bot — “Gladiator Bot is making progress. We now have a fully functional command base for the taunting, challenging, bowing to opponent and shooting. We also have a working battle sequence where two players can battle it out. As it stands, this has only just begun but as time goes on, this will become turn based and allow for a multitude of attacks with a leveling system in the pipeline.” — Rynem aka “Caesar”

Rynemgar/Gladiator-BotContribute to Gladiator-Bot development by creating an account on GitHub.github.com

Iburnmycd — “Turtlenodes rocking it out. Working on Shellgames and Walletd-ha wrapper. Plan to try to start working on the c# daemon this week if possible.”

TurtleNode.ioUse our free public nodes that are load balanced with high-availability with TurtleCoin simplewallet quickly and…turtlenode.io

TurtleCoin.lol —“The turtlecoin.lol was turned into a Jekyll site to support localization. This also lead to some code cleanup and frontend performance improvements. It was moved to GitHub pages.

The site now auto deploys commits to `master` via Travis CI. French and Italian languages were shipped, with more in progress here: https://github.com/ar-x/turtlecoin.lol-translations/pulls. Thanks to Dalia, Johnbri, SaintePelle, andready and un for getting these over the line.

‘Resources’ was added to the nav bar, with links to the Wiki, Developer Blog, Developer Resources page, and brand guidelines.” — ar-x

TurtleCoin.lol - TurtleCoin Fun, Fast, and Easy CryptoCurrency.TurtleCoin is a fun way to send money privately to friends or businesses. TurtleCoin is a community-developed, open…turtlecoin.lol

API Docs — “tmac25#9825 wrapped up writing code examples for Shell, JS, PHP Walletd client libraries. This was a HUGE feat. arthurk is updating the the Python library so that it can be included here. Since this project is near completion (at least the first pass) now, we are looking for feedback on it” — Ar-x

Feedback on API Docs · Issue #99 · turtlecoin/metaHello Ladies and Gents! API Docs are near completion and we would like your feedback on it before calling it done…github.com

[TurtleCoin API DocsTurtleCoin RPC Wallet is a HTTP server which provides JSON 2.0 RPC interface for TurtleCoin payment operations and…hinata-104.shadow-clone-jutsu.com](https://hinata-104.shadow-clone-jutsu.com/)

Dockerize-teh-wurld — The dockerized, redundant mining pool design took a hit this week. Brief lessons learned are:

(1) Avoid oversubscribing your docker VMs, so that runaway backup processes on unrelated containers (hey there, pg_dump on a loop with no wait time) don’t cause an OOM (out-of-memory) and kill of the daemon. It doesn’t like that, it can (and did) corrupt the blockchain. Mitigations are to apply CPU/memory rate limits to all your containers.

_(2) Before bragging to all and sundry that your redundant design “saved the day”, be aware that due to , an unsynced daemon will still permit inbound connections, meaning your pool will by mining against stale blockchain data. Mitigations are likely to be using the pool API to query the last-found global block, and raise an alarm if it’s older than an few min, or updating the pool to refuse to talk to stale daemons. Other than that, tom and I had a civilized discussion (slowest PR ever!) about handling stateful data on Docker containers, reached “consensus” (haha), and are well on the way towards official automated docker image builds ;)”_ **_— FunkyPenguin_**

Turtle Pool - Funky Penguin’s Geek Cookbook Cryptocurrency miners will “pool” their GPU resources (“ hashpower”) into aggregate “ mining pools”, so that by the…geek-cookbook.funkypenguin.co.nz

TRTLBotSharp — “Madk wanted someone to fix some bugs and add some features on his TrtlBott++ git, so I volunteered to take it a step further and do a full port/rewrite to C#, since I know he’s a fan of the language. At the time of writing this, it’s about 90–95% done!” — Canti

Sajo’s Wiki — “The new wiki frontend is ready! It sports TurtleCoin colors, a fluid sidebar, table of contents, and it’s hosted on a memorable domain! xD Check it out”

TurtleCoin WikiWiki for TurtleCoindocs.turtlecoin.lol

Shoutouts From The Community

These are messages sent from the TurtleCoin community to people and developers they’d like to thank for their hard work.

“Shouts out to the coinfeed app” — Roger Robers

“To all turtlecoin members! making cryptomining fun again!” — Khorosho

“so i just type anything here and it shows up? GLOBALISTS FLUORIDATED MY PINEAL BUY BRAINFORCE” — shortok

“Turtle jump game modding from chrome offline game” — mumonster

“Really appreciate tmac for working through the API Docs content” — ar-x

“Yo @Pizzajones! Glad we’re turtlehomies now :)” — helloimgregg

“Zpalmtree and everyone else involved for their amazing work on the simple wallet FUSION transactions feature! It is a seriously lacking feature that so many other coins are missing.” — aneki

“I’m so awesome everyone needs to know… Now.” — Dark_Hunter

“Turtles just wanna have fun. :-D” — Zariel

“Rock, a good 80% of the folks here love you and everything you do. You give people a real sense of community and belonging, you greet every day with your humor and optimism, and you give people something so important that it transcends any physical gain: Hope.” — Anon

“To all turtles making the community better….ill have a RUM on you” — CaptainJac0