TurtleCoin Weekly Roundup (May 20, 2018)

This week we commandeered a crypto conference, released two web wallets into beta, rubbed elbows with rappers, explored MUDdy text-based dungeons, and won the Crypto Influence Award for Best Community of 2018. We are just getting started.

Ereptor loaded up an old mud codebase for fun and hid a turtle wallet with 100k TRTL on one of the mobs in the zoo. The wallet has yet to be claimed, so log in and give it a shot!

TurtleCoin WINS 2018 Best Community (video from I ❤ CRYPTO below!)

Fexra’s Web Wallet —After weeks of anticipation and false promises, I’m happy to announce that TurtleWallet Beta has officially been launched! There are still many kinks and performance issues to be addressed, and that’s where I need to help from all the wonderful turtles! Please head over to https://beta.turtlewallet.io to signup.

For more information, updates, feedback, ideas and bug reports please come visit us in our Discord channel https://discord.gg/4YAMjCJ

[Welcome TurtleWalletFexra’s TurtleWallet — beta.turtlewallet.io](https://beta.turtlewallet.io/)


TurtleCoin Network Spec — “Lots of work done on an updated TurtleCoin daemon specification this past week.” — Iburnmycd

turtlecoin/cs-turtlecoincs-turtlecoin - Live repo for TurtleCoin daemon spec and PoCgithub.com

C# Daemon Proof of Concept — “Several weeks ago, Iburnmycd began working on the development of a TurtleCoin Network Spec. The purpose of this spec is to detail the method for a program or node to communicate with the network. This allows independent developers and businesses to build daemons specifically suited to their use case, and for TRTL Core devs to focus on maintaining the stability of the network rather than patching bugs from our aging codebase.

Incidentally, since we had an abundance of C# developers on the team, we chose to create the first proof of concept for this new spec in C#. The next step is porting over the relevant libraries we have currently in the context of the new spec. In the mean time, there will be minimal feature updates to core software other than patches for a few remaining bugs. This topic will likely get its own article soon, similar to our coverage of the ASIC situation.” — RockSteady

turtlecoin/cs-turtlecoincs-turtlecoin - Live repo for TurtleCoin daemon spec and PoCgithub.com

TurtleCoin Difficulty Algorithm —I’m working on implementing the LWMA difficulty algorithm to decrease the effect of pulse mining, and timestamp attacks.” — Zpalm

Canti’s Web Wallet — This week marked a huge step forward as closed beta is making way. A big thanks to SoreGums for helping set up a server to run it on as well as helping get it functional within docker. Soon™, as they say!” — Canti

RainBorg — “This week I finally sat down and rewrote RainBorg’s internal logic from the ground up, and she’s smarter than ever! I also added a manual megatip command that tips every eligible user on all tip-able channels with an amount of the operator’s choosing. I have some other ideas in the works, let’s see where she goes from here! Oh and while I’m at it, here’s the weekly update, big thanks to crappyrules for a solid 100k donation.” — Canti

Current Borg stats: Total TRTL Sent: 819,868.06 TRTL Total Tips Sent: 10,393 Average Tip: 78.89 TRTL

Free 3D Printable TurtleCoin schematics from CaptainJac0’s Ship

CaptainJac0’s 3D Printables! — “Yarrr the captain has been searching the high seas to bring ye scurvy Turtles some dabloons! Download the files and print it to yar hearts content while sipping a delicious spiced rum!” — CaptainJac0

Turtlecoin Logo by jacojvvJust a Turtlecoin logo Heres my wallet address if you wanna send me some shells…www.thingiverse.com

Turtle Chat Rankings — “We were looking for ways to make new users feel more like part of the team in the chat, so I added the Mee6 bot which allows people to accrue points for chatting, and get roles assigned to them to differentiate the Turtles from the Tortoises! I held a contest to see what we should call the names of the roles, and ultimately settled on Xaz’s entry.” — RockSteady

“Thanks for accepting the entry I placed for the Discord chat ranks! Looking forward to see who gets level 100 first.” — Xaz

Apollo’s Bot Factory —“Looking for bot or software ideas for me to make that would either benefit the community by creating more fun, or would benefit by making things more usable.” — Apollo
- http://smoll.me/JpUtDk

/biz/anon builds the first decentralized messaging app for mass adoption built on the TurtleCoin Blockchain.

Walletd API Documentation — ar-x and I are still working on refining the styles, content, and code examples. We’ve made good progress, and the API docs now include examples for curl, php, javascript, and expected JSON responses for each of the RPC methods. I still have to finish working through Python and Go examples, but you should expect this to be live soon!” tmac25

[TurtleCoin API DocsTurtleCoin RPC Wallet is a HTTP server which provides JSON 2.0 RPC interface for TurtleCoin payment operations and…hinata-104.shadow-clone-jutsu.com](https://hinata-104.shadow-clone-jutsu.com/)

Dockerize-teh-wurld — My dockerized pool suffered a daemon DB corruption after a datacenter power issue. I’ve since update the pool (and the recipe re how to build it to include a redundant pair of daemons, plus a 3rd standby which sync-and-then-shuts-down-and-saves hourly). Also made a minor tweaks to automated docker build (Hi @tom!), and bountied a fix for the issue which currently prevents banning on a pool under docker swarm.” — FunkyPenguin

funkypenguin/geek-cookbookgeek-cookbook - The “Geek’s Cookbook” is a collection of guides for establishing your own highly-available “private…github.com

Ascii Art — If you’re using TurtleCoind v0.5.0, you might have seen the borked ascii art on windows. (Windows is a unique snowflake and doesn’t like UTF-8) I made a PR to fix it, so it should be looking a bit better in the next version :)” — Zpalm

German Translation of TurtleCoin.lol —“This week I proposed a German translation of TurtleCoin’s main website. Big shoutouts to ar-x for providing the translations GitHub project and to hurrdurrnein for proofreading the proposal!” EncryptedUnicorn

ar-x/turtlecoin.lol-translationsturtlecoin.lol-translations - Translations for TurtleCoin.lolgithub.com

Gladiator Bot — “Started working on a gladiator bot for a small turtle game!” — Rynem

Rynemgar/Gladiator-BotContribute to Gladiator-Bot development by creating an account on GitHub.github.com

TurtleCoin and I❤CRYPTO steal the show at Crypto Influence VIP Summit

What we thought was an elaborate attempt at an assassination plot turned out to be a damn fine evening, where we won an award, made new friends, and solidified TRTL as a presence in the community.

A few weeks ago, a member of our community was contacted by a member of the Boosto team informing us that we’d won the award for Best Community and asked if we had someone to send to accept. We checked the website, the category didn’t exist, we checked their social media, and everything seemed brand new. Oddly enough we were listed as a sponsor, having not known about the event until we won. They were very accommodating and willing to help get us there to accept the aware, and that’s about when we started biting our nails and wondering what exactly was going on here.

A mixture of flattery and fear was spread thick on our shells, while two members of the community, either fearless or just plain nutty said “we’ll go!”. If it weren’t for them, we’d have likely never attended, and just like that, they were on the way, complete with TRTL emblazoned in green duct tape on a plain white tee to show support for the homies in the chat.

Turtles in Manhattan

Big thanks to the two turtles who drove almost a combined 48 hours just to attend the Crypto Influence Summit event on the off chance that it wasn’t an assassination plot. CrappyRules and Roger Robers both took their own time and resources to drive out to Manhattan at a hair of a moment’s notice, in the name of the community. Luckily, there were no feds, assassins, ninjas or Spliters in attendance that we know of! To support the fellas, say hello to them in the chat, and to send them any amount of tips, please editand paste the following line in the chat to show your support if your tipjar has funds available.

.tip 200 @crappyrules#5073 @Rogerrobers#6434 Thanks guys!

The LiveStream of Destiny

First, subscribe to this YouTube channel. This is I❤CRYPTO, one of the best channels out there right now putting a spotlight on the projects that you need to know about. ILC is even a Turtle in our chat right now, which further shows his dedication to the community.

I Love CryptoOur goal is to provide a compendium of the very best short-term (technical) and long-term (fundamental) crypto-focused…www.youtube.com

ILC ran into just about everyone-who’s-anyone at this VIP Summit, and just about every person he met got asked one very important question “Have you heard of TurtleCoin?”….

….and the results were GREAT!

We got to talk to the rapper MIMS, who sang the very-appropriate-for-the-occasion song “This is why I’m hot”, who says TurtleCoin is the best thing goin right now, and spoke a bit about his blockchain project RecordGram. ILC also ran into other influencers such as Son of a Tech, another notable personality in the industry who was also very friendly toward us. A turtle never forgets!

Here are the live streams from the event, courtesy of I❤CRYPTO (don’t forget to subscribe!)

Part 1 — Settling In

Part 2 — Wild Turtles

If there’s enough people that nag CrappyRules and RogerRobers, I’ll go ahead and do an article with them about the night, and if ILC is cool with it, we can add his perspective on the event too.

Thanks to everyone for reading, I hope it was worth the wait :)