This Week In TurtleCoin (Mar 2/9, 2018 )

The chat grew to 8,467 Turtles this week!

“/V or even /^” — nnamon

Tonight’s Turtle Typhoon Event!! Free TRTL!!

Mine the Storm!You are Invited to the Raindance Party!


  • From 8pmEST/1amGMT on Friday 9th March

Category5TV has offered to livestream the typhoon:

If you are mining TRTL and would like to donate to the rainbot during the Turtle Typhoon, change your walletaddress in your xmr-stak config to the raindance donation address: **_TRTLv3nW7vX3WXx5CRprf1ifYcY26yYPiVK9E6ocN91DKpUmqADA17n9qcE9QBCgJriGZZcbHuwwKFC8RomYVPDZah8dBN32BbZ**

  • Guys at Coinlib just put trtl up:
  • TurtleCoin now has a YouTube channel for posting tutorials and howto’s for new uers! The guys in the #dev_marketing channel really are turning this into something cool looking, as always
  • Montcalm’s Pool- “Cool Mining Club is back in Cryptonote mining, opening a new Turtle pool at ,high end support/server for all miners, lot of experience from running a Monero pool during one year at early age of Cryptonote coins. Low fee (0.2%) and lot of good luck ! :) Happy Mining eveyrone”
  • TMAC25’s turtlecoin-walletd-rpc-php — “turtlecoin-walletd-rpc-php, is just a simple PHP wrapper for the TurtleCoin walletd JSON-RPC interface. Feel free to bang away at it and let me know where I’ve screwed up. I’ve been lurking around the discord for a while, and really just wanted to start trying to contribute. Love the community around TurtleCoin!”
  • EncryptedUnicorn’s One Click Miner —I’m pretty excited about this project, because it really legitimizes the project in a lot of new user’s eyes. This is a big step forward for the ease-of-entry for TurtleCoin. EU came out of nowhere with this one, which seems to be a theme around the TurtleCoin Discord chat, and something I’ve come to appreaciate about the community :)

A few days ago I had the idea of making some kind of (desktop) one click miner for Turtlecoin and I started to develop it myself and it has already progressed faster than I expected. It’s pretty much just a GUI for xmr-stak that selects best trtl pool to mine on (currently only considering the ping time) and starts xmr-stak in the background with the chosen settings. It also has a “mine to raindance” option ;)It’s far from being perfect or finished yet, but it already works as it’s supposed to. I’ve written it in C# for windows.” — EncryptedUnicorn

  • fexra’s TurtleWallets— “TurtleWallet aims to close the gap between TRTL (TurtleCoin) and real world application. Our vision is to lower the barriers of entry for not only the average day-to-day user , but also app and game developers. We hope to achieve this by offering an easy-to-use web wallet, that comes with API support and advanced monitoring and insight reporting. These are just a few of the many features we are working on. If you would like to participate in the beta, follow @fexra on twitter or keep your eyes peeled on the TRTL reddit page.”

TurtleWallets has one vision: lower the barrier of entry for 1) average people, 2) app/game developers

Hence TurtleWallet will come with API support, and offer plugins for wordpress, magento and perhaps even libraries for langauges in the future

“I have a day job working on games, and am working on a turtle racing game at night, I hope to share more with you guys in a few weeks.” -Ryan, Turtle Racing Game

  • Ryan’s Turtle Racing — “Turtle Racing is a 3d game being developed in Unity that will be a livestreamed and let viewers place horse race style bets via chat commands. Players can enter and name their own turtle, and buy them cosmetic hats! It is mostly using open source assets and being developed in my spare time slowly but steadily. I am hoping to have a beta race in a few weeks!

Actually betting would be cool, it is being developed for pure fun not profit, I am planning to give a free daily reward of an in-game currency and have a special race once a week or so that the winner would get turtle coin as a prize, but I am up for other ideas or when I’m done someone can take the source code and make it into a gambling thing.” -Ryan


  • GT3000’s TRTL Game —Another week another milestone, with content complete, we have begun polishing the UI. Here’s another teaser image to keep you guys sated. Still no date on release but it won’t be too much longer now. Keep fighting the good fight against our ILLUMINATI overlords! Turtle Forever!”
    Man I cant wait to see how this one turns out, Im dyin! — RockSteady
  • derp-derp-derp iOS pool tracker — “You might remember Adi G.’s pool monitor for Android being released a few weeks back. Well now an iOS version is available as well. The functionality is similar to the Android version, where you can put in your wallet address and the pool you’re mining on, and it gives you all of your stats right on your iPhone or iPad. TRTL Power!”
  • cvstn’s Riddle — “I made a series of riddles to give the folks in the TurtleCoin Discord something to scratch their heads over while hanging out. Each level in the riddle contains keys to a wallet with increasing TRTL rewards. It’s been a lot of fun watching the community tackle the weird questions in the riddle, even if certain questions are a little abstract. At the time of writing there is still over 1 Million TRTL waiting to be claimed by some clever person.”
  • CPUGuru’s Pool — “The Challenge Coin project (, whose mission is to ‘Give Back’, is utilizing mining as a means of social outreach and purpose for disabled, mobility impaired and shut-in Veterans.They have fired up an off-centered Turtle Pool called ‘Turtle Power’ at where currently 24% of TRTLs mined by the pool are donated to the @TurtleBotRain address for raindances!The Challenge Coin project chose TurtleCoin as their debut cryptocurrency because of the community involvement and laid back atmosphere.”