This Week In TurtleCoin (June 3, 2018)

To celebrate block 500k the RainBorg was very generous. We recived tips every couple of minutes. Turtles danced in the rain. Congrats to the Turtlecoin community for 500 thousand blocks of fun.

We passed 500,000 blocks this week, and learned that pinging 11,000 chat users is the quickest way to get to 10,000 chat users!

Gladiator Bot —“Gladiator Bot is now in full swing! He has a fully functional leveling system where turtles can fight to the death and earn experience to level up! At present, levels provide you with bragging rights. As time goes on, that will change. More importantly, wins and losses are now being tracked and can be displayed per user by typing *level in the colosseum! Gladiator Bot now also has his own wallet set up which in the coming days will be incorporated into his code to allow fight prizes to be won! The leaderboard code is coming together nicely and this could also spell the beginning of weekly tournaments! For my first JS project, there have obviously been hiccups and times when the bot has crashed but I thank you all for being patient with me as I fix these bugs and thank you still for pointing these bugs out to me! As always, I’m happy to receive suggestions for the bot and am taking them all on board.” — Rynem

Rynemgar/Gladiator-BotContribute to Gladiator-Bot development by creating an account on

Xamder is making great tutorials about TurtleCoin in Spanish! Thanks Xamder!

Xamder’s Tutorials about Turtlecoin, in Spanish — “Make Turtlecoin known through social networks, using attractive and quality audio-visual materials, and thus arrive little by little at possible Turtles.”

walletd-ha & turtlecoind-ha — “I’ve been a VERY busy bee this week. turtlecoind-ha received massive updates this week including websockets via, New project walletd-ha designed in the same manner as turtlecoind-ha with high-availability in mind including a full API wrapper and websocket goodness via Events that make development of applications around walletd VERY easy.”— iburnmycd

turtlecoin/walletd-hawalletd-ha - TurtleCoin Walletd High-Availability

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Our website now has internationalization options! — was translated to 4 more languages — Afrikaans, Chinese, Deutsch and Español. Its now available in 7 languages. Thanks to everyone who contributed:— ar-x

turtlecoin/turtlecoin.lolWebsite for TurtleCoin -

Jon’s Nest GUI, the default GUI wallet of TurtleCoin — soon implementing 25-word seeds.

Nest —Nest is the most used GUI wallet for TurtleCoin. With more than 100 downloads per day, Nest’s (and TurtleCoin) user base is growing fast. I am happy to announce that backup and import from 25-word seed is coming soon to Nest, together with performance improvements. Big thank to our great community member Genesis for this week’s GIF of Nest.— Jon, creator of Nest Wallet

Canti’s lib-turtle-extra— This week I started on a little utility library for encoding data onto the block chain, as well as providing a few other useful utilities for the aspiring future TurtleCoin dev, making it easier to send transactions and otherwise interact with the network via C#.” — Canti

Canti’s Web Wallet —“Thanks to bandit, the bounty for naming my web wallet is up to a whopping 600,000 TRTL — feel free to hop into the beta test discord to help test and suggest names or any features you would like added!” — Canti

Come TEST IT NOW!The mobile-friendly TurtleCoin web wallet you’ve been waiting for 😉 🐢. Join the Discord server for TRTL to play with…

Discord - Free voice and text chat for gamersStep up your game with a modern voice & text chat app. Crystal clear voice, multiple server and channel support, mobile…

Shoutouts and mentions from the community

CaptainJac0 — Thx to everyone for an awesome 500K party

CryptoGeek#8997 — An awesome community

Canti — Shout out to SoreGums for the ridiculous amount of stuff he somehow finds time to accomplish and help out with — the dude is a wizard or something.

Canti — Shout out to Rock for his drunk idea to create TurtleCoin in the first place, beers on me next time you’re in my neck of the woods.

Canti — Shout out to Z for being our resident mad scientist

Canti — Okay okay last one — shout out to every last member of our community for making TurtleCoin so awesome! Congrats on the 500,000th block!

Roger robers — Shout out to menks being the best dj

Turtley McTurtleton McDrizzle — now supports seven languages! A couple of weeks ago, it was English only. Big thanks to @ar-x for running with this!

Semi — Bush did 9/11

if(true) — All that missed out on the 500k block party be aware there will be a much bigger when 555.555 hits :D

soregums — iburnmycd has wrapped up walletd in some node.js awesomeness, able to get push notifications for transactions now!!

esang — hello

xaz — Shoutout to block 500k and the party that followed after!

tmac25 — Huge shoutout to ar-x for all the time and effort he has put into the project lately. From docs and localization to generally just leading in important areas and getting things done. Thanks ar-x!

John Doe — Seriously though guys! My piece is only 2 inches!

Scottd — Shoutout to crappy rules for stating we’re all dumb to sell our turtlecoins for less than a dollar

Koreplay — I have 100 xbox 360s help me mine with them🙃

Arindis the cobra king — What’s poppin vanilla face, arindis out

sploooole — read the bible

(sploooole sent this message 5 times.)

shortok — rocksteady is my mom

Happy Birthday Alien :D