This Week In TurtleCoin (June 10, 2018)

We needed a good celebration image this week for our 6 month bday party, so I dug up this wallpaper by community member Crisis Rogue

TurtleCoin turns 6 months old this week! — Web Wallets, GUI Wallets, Pay per Pixel and more!

TurtleCoin Developer Notes!

turtlecoin-api-docs-site — “The Walletd RPC client documentation effort wrapped up this week and was moved to It currently has code examples for Shell/cURL, JavaScript and PHP, with Python coming soon.” — ar-x & tmac25

[TurtleCoin API DocsTurtleCoin RPC Wallet is a HTTP server which provides JSON 2.0 RPC interface for TurtleCoin payment operations and…](

Fexra’s TurtleWallet

TurtleWallet — “This week has been very busy! New features, many improvements, and stability and daemon health checks! Insight page has gotten a major overhaul; conversion works across the wallet now and also calculates the historical conversion; and the activity / notification system is coming along nicely. I hope to have everything fully working next week for another test run :)”— fexra

[Welcome TurtleWalletEdit](


RainBorg — “This week, I added all of the non-English language channels as tippable channels for the RainBorg, so now if you’re active on them, there is a small chance the Borg will pay you visit. These channels are also now included in megatips.” — Canti

Total TRTL Sent: 1,859,265.01 TRTL Total Tips Sent: 33,158 Average Tip: 56.07 TRTL

Nest — “You might have experienced issues with the Nest wallet this week. They were due to the way the core client deals with certain large blocks. Issues have been fixed and new versions of the core client and of Nest are being tested. Nest v0.23 will be released in a day or two and will be announced on Reddit and Discord.” Jon-Nest

turtlecoin/turtle-wallet-goturtle-wallet-go - A universal gui wallet for

TRTL Pixels — “_What happens when you give the community the ability to draw something one pixel at a time? Well… Let’s see! I started a new project this week as a bit of a social experiment, inspired by Reddit’s r/Place, and the Million Dollar Homepage. What is it? It’s a new webpage that lets folks “purchase” pixels on an image for 1 TRTL each. Purchasing a pixel let’s you set that pixel to a color of your choice, until it’s purchased again by someone else. At the moment, I have the back end coded up, which works by listening for transactions of at least 1 TRTL, then uses a generated payment ID to know which pixel was bought and what color it should be. It then draws that pixel onto an image that will be viewable on a webpage. I’m excited to see just what the TRTL Network community draws, one pixel at a time. The front end webpage is coming soon, I’ll make it known when it’s public so you can all get drawing!”_ — Canti

TrtlBotSharp — “I’ve been rewriting Madk’s tip bot from the ground up to add everything he wanted added, and I also made it easier to add new features in the future. The rewrite is done, and now I am running through and testing every little thing to make sure it’s perfect before we launch it. And fear not, your current tip balances will still be applicable to the new bot!”— Canti

BrandonT42/TrtlBotSharpTrtlBotSharp - A C# recode/reworking of Madk’s — “This week I’ve been working on a few things for core TurtleCoin code as well as ancillary projects. My current task is importing the current blockchain information into SQLite to provide a faster backend for the blockchain explorer(s). Once I know the code is solid to do so, I’ll publish the code on github as usual but the first test deployments will be on the backends at where the turtlecoin-api-proxy lives that will intercept blockexplorer requests and serve them out of SQLite. In addition to making block explorers faster, this will also enable us to run analytical queries against the blockchain to gain additional insight into average block times, block & transaction sizes, average mixin amounts, and wide variety of additional data points.” — iburnmycd

TurtleNode.ioUse our free public nodes that are load balanced with high-availability with TurtleCoin simplewallet quickly and…

Gladiator Bot —“Gladiator Bot is now in full swing! His leveling system is complete and running although this is still only for bragging rights! However, more importantly, tips are now awarded for every win in the arena! The latest update brought the leaderboard, by typing *leader you are given the top 10 Gladiators. This has now been announced into a weekly competition. Every Sunday at a random time (to prevent spam fights last minute) the scoreboard will be reset and the person in first place will be awarded 10,000TRTL. Thank you all for your continued support and suggestions.” — Rynem

Rynemgar/Gladiator-BotContribute to Gladiator-Bot development by creating an account on

TurtleCoin snail racing — TurtleCoin’s very own aquatic snail races will be up and running within the next month. The pool installation began today, after a nice shady spot of land in the backyard had been cleared to make way for our community’s racetrack that doubles as a pond. This pool is going to be the comfy home to many snails, and even… a couple turtles :)” Rogerrobers

Community Shoutouts

Browns1964Champs — Don’t let your meat loaf.

TurtleCoinMan — Shout out to Zpalm for giving so much to this community. The guy deserves big tips

ar-x — Props to @Mersault, @alicans35 for translating to Turkish

xxx — xxx love xxx life