This Week In TurtleCoin (July 16, 2019)

This has nothing to do with TRTL but we needed a catchy header image and the beers are saying this is the one.

This week depending who we asked, you either got cooked alive in your apartment or floated away in the rain, nevertheless we still got work done :D here is this week’s update!

Developer Updates

This is a place where anybody in our community can submit a post about the TRTL project they’re working on. It’s a great way to attract helpers for your project and show people what to keep an eye out for. We encourage you to show works in progress as well as finished products, as we’re happy to see them all and it shows that we’re an active community. To submit your post, click this link

Proton v0.0.9-beta Release!

Proton v0.0.9-beta Release!

What’s up TurtleCoin? Thanks very much for everybody that helped out beta testing the new wallet. If you’re not currently testing it out, now is a great time as we just dropped version 0.0.12, the first non-beta release! Since the last post, we’ve added alot of improvements and features, as well as mac support for a truly cross-platform desktop wallet. You can grab the latest version at the Releases link below.


turtlecoin/turtle-wallet-protona TurtleCoin wallet inspired by Electrum’s QT Client - turtlecoin/

Turtle Arcade has been updated to TurtleArcade.Games . So don’t forget to change your bookmarks if you want to keep up-to-date on all the fun games and projects made by our awesome community!
I’m currently working on a free CC0 assets section to help you all get some nice visuals in your project! If you want to help contribute some art give me a ping in the #dev_gaming channel on Discord! Thanks for your support!



Chukwa’s Labyrinth

Chukwa’s Labyrinth

Hey! So I’ve been working on my first game for the past few weeks. I think I mentioned it last week in the roundup. It’s finally ready to play! In the game, you have to go through a series of mazes in order to reach the treasure at the end. So far there are only two levels, but there are instructions and plenty of stuff in them! Play it and let me know how it is, ping me in #dev_gaming with any comments or advice! You can download it from the link given below


Sajo8/chukwas-labyrinthTurtleCoin-themed game where you have to go thorugh a series of mazes to reach the treasure - Sajo8/

Good First Issues

Good First Issues are tickets that are marked as ‘easy wins’ for new developers. If you want to be a TurtleCoin Developer, these are great tasks to start with!

Daemon+WalletBackend timestamp adjustments
The current /getwalletsyncdata rounds a timestamp to midnight. Depending on what time of the day you start a fresh wallet, you may have no blocks to grab (we need to roll back a bit more than we currently do with the timestamp adjustment), or too many (since it’s rounding to midnight which is quite far away).

Remove no longer relevant asserts
Since pretty much everyone runs the daemon in release mode, instead of debug mode, we’ve ended up where we have a number of asserts which constantly trigger, due to altered/moved/rewritten sections of code.

QueryBlocksDetailed does not populate transaction extra “raw” property in response
.transactions[i].extra.raw is not populated in the code as it should be.

Rig of the Week

Samsunger, by Fabien (Lyon, FR)

This week we are featuring a rig called “Samsunger

Details: 2 samsung S7 / 1 samsung S8 / fans and smart usb charger

What are your secret tips and tricks about mining TRTL?
when turtles are pregnant

Introduce yourself : Fabien, 32 years old from france, Lyon

Hashrate: 4 kh/s

Pay With TRTL

In the Discord we have a channel called #Merchandise where people can post things you can buy with TRTL. To view items for sale, check the pinned posts in that channel. These are a few of the items from this week.

mikeykones’s dad hats

mikeykones’s dad hats

TURTLECOIN DAD HATS 🧢 199k TRTL free shipping anywhere in the US, 299k TRTL shipped anywhere else in the world!

Red, black, grey and cream are available currently

Contact @MikeyKones in discord for details!

Free Advertising

  • Play Crash/Dice/Blackjack/Roulette with TurtleCoin! coco
  • My site of turtle stuffs, I have more to ad but havent :) At anyrate, has the gpu/cpu ranks and more!
  • Browser mining for TRTL
  • Hi :) I’m working on a new game for TurtleCoin. It’s a web based card game where you can collect the emojis from the discord and then fight other players using them. The game will launch in the next 10 days, if you want to stay informed about updates join my discord server. Hope to see you there :)

A TRTL sticker in the wild :)

Shoutouts & Thanks

This is the place to mention someone in the community who has done something nice or deserves recognition.

Mrlahaye “@Judderz, Thanks for sending those sweet TurtleCoin decals once again. I just bought that new car and applied my spare sticker on it. It looks very nice when i’m in the wild.”
greywolf welcome back (again, again) Sauvn
greywolf thanks to Muf for the reminder to be a good turtle, and apologies to IBMCD for forgetting about that
greywolf i cast 1 vote to assign the role of Contributor to teacup, for all of the great TurtleCoin artwork she has provided to the community over a long period
Elkim Thanks to @iburnmycd for being constantly arrogant and mean and for droving away another member of our community. Keep doing what are you doing.
Elkim Thanks fipsi | The Machine#0789 for working on the merchandise bot :) The Fiat Whisperer is coming!
Diceovice Floyd gets new fish Thanks to the community for the continued work and progress!
Zpalm Shoutout to davelong from plenteum for finding a bug in the miner and suggesting a fix!
Rock shouts out to sajo, fipsi and extra for putting in the extra mile this week on their projects, it’s great watching you guys grow!

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