This Week In TurtleCoin (Jan 28, 2019)

Developer Updates


XMRig — Hey, Wixer here. I just wanted to let you guys know that xmrig as well as xmrig-amd and xmrig-nvidia have received an update. CryptoNight Turtle is now officially supported!
Huge thanks to Github users: lost-bro, fexra, brandonlehmann, davehlong, YetAnotherRussian, SChernykh, Bendr0id and of course xmrig who worked on making this happen! So far I’ve only tested xmrig-amd for a few days and it runs very stable. The hash rate for my rig has increased by 3.7 times. If you’re curious of how your hardware will perform after the upcoming fork, you can simply download or build the right miner for your system. There already is a CryptoNight Turtle coin you can mine to test xmrig. It’s called DeroGold and it’s a lot of fun to mine because of the high supply. So why don’t you update your miner, so that you’ll only have to change algorithm when it’s fork time? — Wixer

xmrig/xmrigMonero (XMR) CPU miner. Contribute to xmrig/xmrig development by creating an account on

TurtlePay — Just a tiny update at the moment. I’ve added a small “Powered By TurtlePay” badge that people can use on their TurtlePay sites. Check it out at — IBurnMyCD

TurtlePay™TurtlePay™: Fun, Fast, & Easy Crypto Payments. TurtlePay™ has 12 repositories available. Follow their code on

TurtleCoin Docs — 1000th commit! — Just wanted to say, the TurtleCoin Docs ( just got it’s 1000th commit; it’s 1000th update, since its inception in around March of last year. Huge thank you and shout out to everyone who made this possible, and here’s to another year of more updates and information! — Sajo8

Promote Your Bounty

50,000TRTL bounty — Write a comprehensive introduction to TurtleCoin based on So once PR is submitted and accepted I’ll pay out the bounty. thanks a lot. — SalmonDealer

Community Advertisements

Motivated by the recent dramatic increases in network difficulty, we’re testing out a new feature at our predictable solo mining pool that lets multiple users “mine as one” for faster payouts. Simply specify “pprop” in the password field of your miner config to join the mining collective. Come on by, check out the whitepaper on this new payment scheme, and jump on in — the water’s warm!

72hr 100KH RIg Rental Giveaway — 5 turtle fee! and 5 turtle fee! *MIND BLOWN*

Shoutouts & Thanks

Great support from Belorion in helping get the Nibblebox all in one miner running smoothly for NibbleClassic! — sups

Shoutout to @Rock’s new avatar, which is scary-as-hell — funkypenguin

❤ the turtlecoin community. — dsanon

will you go to prom with me zpalm — anonymous

have a great week everyone :) — rock

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