This Week In TurtleCoin (Feb 2 2018)

Today’s value, 7SAT — [email protected]

The chat grew from 2736 to 4736 turtles this week! Turtle-devs consumed 14.3 gallons of Red Bull while submitting updates for everything they’d ever touched, it seems. The dev team has grown by a factor of three, and we got a lot of good feedback after the success of the update article last week, so here’s another status check!

Sidenote: Just in case you were about to ask for a different type of update, no, TradeSatoshi hasn’t contacted us about the review yet.

  • The Meetup — Blockchain901 cryptocurrency group invited TurtleCoin developers to present TurtleCoin at the FedEx Institute of Technology. Several TurtleCoin contributors showed up to talk about the technology, the community, and their experiences with TurtleCoin to a large audience of crypto enthusiasts. Bebop attended to lead the discussion and @RockSteady joined remotely via Skype to tell the story of TurtleCoin’s origin! 1,200,000 TRTL was given out and everyone had a good time. Big thanks to @brianwentzloff @serroft and @Ereptor !
    Blockchain901 —

Check out Turtle Trouble by GT3000 —

  • Turtle Trouble Video Game — When I saw this project, I had to take a step back and think about how far this Turtle thing had really gone. GT3000 made a really cool game that is surprisingly addictive. Check it out!
    Turtle Trouble is inspired by the amazing community surrounding Turtlecoin. I wanted to make a game that would reflect the light-hearted approach to cryptocurrency that you just don’t see very often and is sorely lacking.” — GT3000
    Play Turtle Trouble! —
  • Make It Rain Turtles! — Chat user MoonMoonDoggo adapted the TurtleBot code from CodIsAFish’s TurtleBot and has turned it into a rain bot! Now Turtles in the chat can send coins to the bot’s donation address and the bot announces pending rain, giving everyone a chance to PM their wallet to the bot and do a rain dance to catch free shells as they rain from the sky!
  • WooCommerce TurtleCoin Payments — New user Fexra came in with a bang, quickly putting together our WooCommerce payments integration! Here’s a quick snippet about this project from the creator themself!
    I’m happy to announce the turtlecoin powered payment gateway for WooCommerce. This plugin will allow any ecommerce store powered by WooCommerce to start accepting payments in TRTL. Currently the plugin only supports USD, EUR, CAD and GBP but the next release will support the 20 most used currencies.” — Fexra
    GitHub —
  • TurtleCoin Multiplatform Easy Installer — Cowabunga! The turtlecoin project installation process is now a fully automated bash script supporting both OSX and Ubuntu which can be loaded and run in one single easy command. Try it yourself in your terminal with the following command all on a single line:
    curl -sL "" | bash GitHub —
  • Brian’s TurtleCoin Tshirts — Shirts are still a hit, and new designs have been added to the store! Check them out!
    Store —
  • madk’s Free TurtleCoin Faucet — The faucet took a beating this week, with hungry Turtles chomping at the captcha piece by piece! Adjusted for demand, the faucet now dispenses 1 TRTL, 3 times per day per Turtle! Remember, the faucet is preferred to be used by first timers so they can try out the network, please don’t be greedy! Madk had this to add: “development on the faucet has continued due to overwhelming growth. Implementing security measures to keep it alive as turtlecoin has become more popular have just finished and appears to be a success.
    To add TRTL to the faucet for new users, send donations to: TRTLv14M1Q9223QdWMmJyNeY8oMjXs5TGP9hDc3GJFsUVdXtaemn1mLKA25Hz9PLu89uvDafx9A93jW2i27E5Q3a7rn8P2fLuVA
    Faucet —
  • Tek Syndicate featured a video on how to mine TurtleCoin :) Thanks Logan! We apologize in advance for the price of GPUs, and our effect on them!
  • Paper-wallets —@Ereptor fixed up our paper wallets with better entropy generation. The wallet is now adding extra entropy in every request, giving you better and more secure keys every time.
    Paper-Turtle —
  • TurtleCoin Android — These guys are building an Android wallet using a programming language that is hot on the Android scene called Kotlin. I spoke with mobile developer HolmHolk for this update: there is a dark theme (night mode) now, and some implementation optimization Github —
  • Sue from pool had a baby!! 5:02AM - Feb 2nd, 2018! Congrats Sue!
  • Block-Explorer — The bounty for the block explorer has been claimed, and we’ve established a permanent installation thanks to community member Watter who set it up and continues to add improvements. Thanks Watt!
    Watter’s Block Explorer —
  • TurtleCoin FAQ — ZedPea and Bebop have been hard at work assembling our Documentation repository. If you’re a new turtle and you don’t feel like coding but you still want to pitch in, start here! We always need help with Documentation.
    Github —
    FAQ —
  • Community Directory was updated; a simple website called has links to all community services and projects. Please email on gmail if your TurtleCoin service or website is not listed.
  • desktop-xamarin (Windows GUI Wallet) — This is a GUI wallet being created by ‘TheRealCrypt” who goes by the Github username codingwithredbull. This wallet was created using Xamarin, and is quickly becoming the most visually ornate wallet we have. Currently, the wallet splits large transactions, chooses sensible fees, helping new users generate successful large transactions to and from the exchange.
    Github —
  • turtle-wallet (Multiplatform GUI Wallet) — I spoke with CodIsAFish who has been working with Serroft on our Python and Glade multiplatform GUI wallet. Currently the project is reviewing a sizable pull-request that includes many usability improvements. As our first baked-at-home wallet GUI, this project has a special place in our hearts, minds, and liquor closets. Thanks guys!!
    Github —
  • turtlecoind-js — Our very own TurtleCoin core dev Bebop is working on a javascript wrapper for our software that will let us do cool things like web wallets and bots. He had a few things to say “All rpc interface methods are implemented for both turtlecoind and walletd. Next step is callback handlers and testing and then it should be ready for beta” This is a cool idea, and I can’t wait to see how other projects end up using it! Keep going!
    Github —
  • TurtleCoin v0.3.1 — This forthcoming update has contributions from many devs who spotted improvements and best practices we could implement in the next release. The work is never done! This version includes substantial work from Nnamon and TheRealCrypt.
    “A few security improvements for v0. 3.1 were made to the core executables. The RPC interfaces to the simplewallet and walletd will require RPC authentication (or an explicit override). Other improvements to walletd include more secure networking defaults.” — Nnamon
    Great work guys!
    REMEMBER!: Pools and service operators, please update your daemon and service/pool software before block 187,000.
    Github —

Thank you to everyone who provided quotes for this weekend wrap-up! Contributors, readers, users, project leaders, you all did a fabulous job this week! Have a great weekend!