The Traveler’s Guide to #exile

This is a guide for all of those who’ve suddenly found themselves read-only in our chat with an #exile role applied to their account. This is a welcome-guide of sorts, and an explainer for the TurtleCoin Judiciary Appeals Process.

Oh no! I was happily shitposting and now I can’t say anything except for this one room with the grabby wolf-turtles! — ExileTurtle RIP

We have to accept the responsibility that free speech and anonymity can lead to some disasters, and if you don’t discourage troublemakers, you lose a lot of good people. We don’t want to kick you or ban you, we just can’t have you in the front room showing your ass to guests.

You can see here, Wazlo eating an inmate.

The good news is, most people get out of exile within minutes. Sit tight.

Probably by the time you’re done reading, not skimming, this article, you’ll have someone waiting to talk to you. In the mean time, here’s what’s about to happen.

Arrest & Intake

An exile role is applied to you. You are now read-only in all chats except for #exile, and there are other chats you just won’t be able to see anything. At this point, nobody has addressed what has brought you to #exile and your case is awaiting arbitration. Your username will usually have the label (INMATE).

Note: Exile is completely a free speech zone. I’m not saying to go and harrass anyone with an (inmate) tag, I’m saying if you want to tell someone exactly how you feel about them, this is for sure the place, but beware, being directly hazardous to the community, or disregarding an order to chill out will get you in a sticky situation, and don’t be surprised if you step over the line and notice the exit door a lot harder to find!

This is Shortok’s baby. Look at it.

The Appeals Process

There is a voluntary appeals process. Everyone is given a chance to sway the community sentiment in their favor. If you’d like to appoint a representative to help petition for your release, this is allowed.

If you have decided to submit a statement, an ad-hoc committee of your peers will be created to evaluate your appeal.

Rare Origami Turtles are a sure bet.

Judgement & Redemption

If you’ve made your appeal, and it is decided you need to get right with the community, you’ll be given three choices for redemption:

  • A tribute — You must pay a tribute to the rain bot, or tip the person you’ve wronged.
  • A challenge — You’ll be issued a challenge, like singing for us, or crafting a bespoke haiku to convey your apologies to the Appeals Committee.
  • A sentence — Doing time in #exile is always a respectful way to repent. Some of the most caustic members of our society have gone through this way, the longest being a month or more, and come out as gems of our society.

That’s all there is to it.

In all, #exile can be a scary place, and there’s a lot of reasons why you don’t want to get sent there. Keep in mind though, you’re there for a reason, and we’d rather you be a good sport and earn your way out. It’s a rehabilitative process that will help integrate you with the community. And most of all, you don’t want to run in to Wazlo.

Seriously, you don’t want to meet Wazlo.