RogerRober and CrappyRules Take NYC

Somewhere in this pic, CrappyRules is propositioning a stranger for who knows what.

A Turtle in Los Angeles and a Turtle in Chicago both leave by car at the same time to reach a crypto conference in NYC by 4:20PM. Who gets asked to leave first? Let’s find out!


May 25, 2018 · 16 min read

RockSteady — Today at 7:09 PM
Thanks for taking a minute to tell me the longer version of the Crypto Influence Awards night. I hope this relates to the readers some of the insanity of that whole event, and everything that led up to you guys getting there
crappyrules If I remember right, were you the one who got contacted first by the Awards people?

crappyrules — Today at 7:11 PM
No, it was rybofy via the facebook page.
I read what was going on and I’ve been low key trolling the bad crypto podcast’s facebook for a few months now. When nobody here really wanted to step up to the plate over it, I decided to take one for the team
figured it it was a setup, I’d be game to tangle with them

RockSteady — Today at 7:14 PM Let’s talk about that a little bit. Most of us thought it was a setup. OK Let’s be honest, I think I called it an assassination plot. What made you think this wasn’t a guy waiting for you to put the lotion on your skin before turning you into a lampshade? This question also goes for Roger Robers because I think I even told you straight up we thought it was a scam and you took about two seconds before jumping in the car for the journey. What were you guys thinking?

Roger Robers — Today at 7:16 PM
I was just so excited at the prospect of something like this being legit that I kind of pushed any negative thoughts to the back of my mind. I also live for road trips and this may have been my best chance to actually see new York city.

RockSteady — Today at 7:16 PM
Roger Robers how far did you have to drive?(edited)

Roger Robers — Today at 7:17 PM
Almost 1200 miles to get there

crappyrules — Today at 7:17 PM
I volunteered to better the community. I like my privacy which is one of the things that attracted me to turtlecoin, but if we want to better the project, then people need to participate. It’s a do’ers market right?

RockSteady — Today at 7:17 PM
Roger Robers do you typically take long road trips or had you just conveniently quit your job at the time and on the way out just said to yourself “sure, what’s the worst that could happen?”

crappyrules — Today at 7:17 PM
Plus in the event that it was a setup by kev or turtlemarine, I wouldn’t mind them taking their best shot

Roger Robers — Today at 7:18 PM
Last month for 420 I drove to Colorado to see my friends and family. And last year for spring break I drove to Maine which was really nice besides the huge blizzard that snowed me in for a day.

RockSteady — Today at 7:19 PM
crappyrules and I understand it was a bit shorter of a journey for you. had you been to NYC before?

crappyrules — Today at 7:20 PM
I’ve been to NYC quite often over the years for business and pleasure
Not a fan of driving there though

RockSteady — Today at 7:21 PM
Do you guys have the original screenshot of the invite? What were they offering, originally?

crappyrules — Today at 7:22 PM
gimme a sec

Roger Robers — Today at 7:23 PM
I’ve got the emails the guy hosting the event sent me when I inquired

crappyrules — Today at 7:23 PM
I think TedShred posted thim in dev-marketing

Roger Robers — Today at 7:25 PM

RockSteady — Today at 7:27 PM
crappyrules What were your initial thoughts when you looked them up?
Roger Robers what were your thoughts?

crappyrules — Today at 7:31 PM
I did my research on them after seeing the posts in marketing. I had the impression that they were just getting into the crypto space and the show would go one of two ways. Either it would be a shill fest, or they were legitimately trying to start something. I started hitting up others in the industry who were nominees and they had been contacted as well regarding the awards. At that point I determined that it wasn’t a setup to hatchet anyone.

RockSteady — Today at 7:32 PM
how about you Roger Robers

Roger Robers — Today at 7:32 PM
I thought “seems legit”, from looking at their website I didn’t really recognize anyone or anything except for the rapper MIMS which had me pretty stoked that he was performing there. At the time I didn’t realize I was even messaging the dude running the whole thing just someone running the site.

RockSteady — Today at 7:33 PM
had you guys ever heard of Boosto before (the company sponsoring the event)? When asked on I❤CRYPTO’s stream, they mentioned they “might” do an ICO, but the person answering the question seemed doubtful. Did you guys have any interactions with them at the event or was it more of a “we are all just attendees at this thing”

Roger Robers — Today at 7:35 PM
I had not heard of boosto, but I noticed there plenty of people wearing shirts for it, helping the awards ceremony run smoothly. I talked a little bit with them and I recall one girl mentioned the ico, and said it was in the near future.

crappyrules — Today at 7:37 PM
I’d heard the name from doing crypto research, but had never looked into who they are or what they do until I was researching the show. I’ll admit I didn’t really want to give out my name going into the event and fortunately due to them having to move the venue 3 times, nobody was at the checkin table when I arrived. 45 minutes late thanks to awesome NYC parking

left: The Eiffel Tower, middle: MapQuest 2018, right: Dude Where’s My Parking Spot

The only interaction I had with them directly was we were mogged out side the doors by one of their marketing people for not having a badge, while were were hanging out talking to Team Hodl. They asked us where our badges were and made us go get them which was a fruitless effort since they had run out anyways.

Roger Robers — Today at 7:39 PM
Lol I remember that too

crappyrules — Today at 7:39 PM
Adam Charles came up and introduced himself at one point during the event to me, but it was a brief shake of the hand and glad you could make it in. Other than that I was there more to observe.

Roger Robers — Today at 7:41 PM
I hung out with Adam for a little bit after the show.

RockSteady — Today at 7:42 PM
How did that go Roger Robers does Adam know how to roll a proper turtle joint?

crappyrules — Today at 7:42 PM
I’m not a huge fan of marketing people. I understand they’re a necessary evil in business, but just not my cup of tea. I don’t mind networking with people, but don’t try to sell me your bags.

RockSteady — Today at 7:43 PM
It’s okay crappyrules you can say “suits” here

left: Suits. middle: startup-suit, pimp-suit, and sleeveless-suit. right: marketing people AKA “art-suits”

Roger Robers — Today at 7:44 PM
It was cool to meet him on a personal level, he had a couple cases of booze with him that were for the event. Alas, some shit went down and we couldn’t have it served at the event. But I did watch him open hand spar with this other guy I met from the coinfeed app Robin Kabir

RockSteady — Today at 7:44 PM
open hand sparring? what’s that about?

crappyrules — Today at 7:44 PM
is that like crossing swords?
I have a picture for that

Roger Robers — Today at 7:45 PM
Adam is an mma fighter

RockSteady — Today at 7:45 PM
Roger Robers any ground game?

Roger Robers — Today at 7:46 PM
He said yeah, but the wrestlers are way tougher at that level.

RockSteady — Today at 7:46 PM
Roger Robers that’s awesome. I promise I won’t take it off topic :smiley: crappyrules so was the event initially supposed to be in a condo?

crappyrules — Today at 7:48 PM
Originally it was supposed to be in a nightclub. Then it was moved to a condo a few blocks away from grand central station. They had issues with that venue so they moved it down next to Battery Park. It was a lovely setting right on the Hudson with a grand view of the Statue of Liberty out the front window.

RockSteady — Today at 7:49 PM
what was it like inside the venue? I think someone had a pic of the inside, and of the food

crappyrules — Today at 7:49 PM
It reminded me a little bit of the entrance to a holiday in.
I have pics. And a video

RockSteady — Today at 7:50 PM
do you mind sharing with us?

Roger Robers — Today at 7:51 PM
Picture of mims and Adam Charles back of his head

crappyrules — Today at 7:51 PM

left: These VC’s knew what they invested in from day 1. right: Hungry Hungry Hodlers

left: RogerRober’s designer TRTL white tee, by Comme Des Garcons, $495.00 right: shown with optional artisinal coffee stain, $581.50

RockSteady — Today at 7:57 PM
Roger Robers tell us about the shirt there

Roger Robers — Today at 7:57 PM
I went to Wal-Mart and got a roll of tape and white tee for 5 bucks

RockSteady — Today at 7:58 PM
Roger Robers describe people’s reactions to the shirt when you walked in

crappyrules — Today at 7:59 PM
I can tell you my reaction.

Roger Robers — Today at 8:00 PM
When I walked in, I was a bit late so there was stuff going on and everyone seated watching pitches. I got a coke and stood aside observing but can’t say I got much if any comments on it right away. Later on I got a few questions and when crappy arrived he snapped a pic right away

RockSteady — Today at 8:00 PM
crappyrules thoughts?

crappyrules — Today at 8:00 PM
My immediate reaction was “that’s punk as fuck!”

Roger Robers — Today at 8:00 PM

crappyrules — Today at 8:02 PM
I looked around the room at all the suits and dresses and thought “take a gander at us cubicle dwellers. We’re motherfucking TRTL!” I mean, who else in crypto space is doing what we are doing? I don’t see a whole lot of projects or ICO’s trying to lower the barrier for people that were interested in bitcoin and crypto to take that first step.

RockSteady — Today at 8:04 PM
if you had to estimate, what percentage of people were there who were paid to be there, those who were there to shill an ICO, those who just wanted to go, and locals from NYC crypto scene?

crappyrules — Today at 8:05 PM
In all honesty, Roger and I were probably the only ones there that weren’t paid, or shilling something.
It was pretty liberating to attend knowing I didn’t have to report back to HQ on how many contacts I made or how much funding we raised.

Roger Robers — Today at 8:06 PM
I talked to some guy after the event named Rafael I believe, who said he was just there to observe and I think paid to go. He said he thought it was gonna be more about crypto and less about YouTube but that he still enjoyed it and said that he was attending an invest in bitcoin tech thing at the same venue the next day.

RockSteady — Today at 8:06 PM
that’s nuts! Well, tell me about some of the people you met. I’m assuming an event like that, for influencers, brings in quite a diverse crowd. Who were some of the names and notable people you met while you were there? Roger Robers crappyrules(edited)

crappyrules — Today at 8:06 PM
Brandon Eich was there. I realized yesterday he was sitting behind me at one pont. Most of the time he was getting shilled by ICO’s

RockSteady — Today at 8:08 PM
crappyrules did you get any cool javascript super powers?

crappyrules — Today at 8:08 PM
We hung out with ILC for quite a bit and also Hashbrown from Team Hodl.
No, I’m not a fan of javascript.
at all
Probably best I didn’t recognize him

Roger Robers — Today at 8:09 PM
Meeting the dude from team hodl hashbrown was really cool. I enjoyed being on the I love crypto live stream too. I met a dude named rex mackaye from the project vice token who was cool to talk to. Also, the guys suchen and robin from the coinfeed app were very nice to me after an interview by inviting me out for pizza and seeing times square

crappyrules — Today at 8:09 PM
I spoke with a few youtube meme line experts but nothing tech wise, more just shooting the shit.
Eich had two of his lead devs for BAT/Brave browser there that I would have like to talk to, but didn’t see them till the event was almost over.

RockSteady — Today at 8:11 PM
Roger Robers I think you and ILC actually got Hashbrown to join the chat, good job :smiley: Did you end up going to pizza with the Coinfeed guys?

crappyrules — Today at 8:12 PM
And I had some chineese venture fund guy follow me around for about 20 minutes that initially was bragging about the $500 million they had to invest in ICO’s. I think he was disappointed when I told him we were not an ICO and I gave him the rundown on what TRTL was and what we are trying to accomplish. He was enamored with our project and was blown away in these days of all the scam ICO’s that there were people out there still working to build something so pure.

Roger Robers — Today at 8:13 PM
This was at about midnight after everyone else had left except for me, them, and Adam Charles. We caught an uber to their hotel and then got some dank new York style pizza. I told em I had never seen times square so they were like hell yeah we can walk right up there. I met this guy named Scott at times square selling his magazine called Esorotic (sp?).

RockSteady — Today at 8:14 PM
Roger Robers it sounds like you made the most out of networking out there. Which one of you ran into the ETH guy?

Roger Robers — Today at 8:14 PM
Idk, everyone I talked to seemed to dislike eth

RockSteady — Today at 8:15 PM
I was asking spcifically because someone mentioned meeting a cofounder of ETH

Roger Robers — Today at 8:15 PM
Never heard of em, besides the one on Twitter running those free eth giveaways all the time

RockSteady — Today at 8:17 PM
haha ok
Did any of you get to talk to MIMS? What was he like? What brought him there?

crappyrules — Today at 8:17 PM

\[**Roger Robers — Today at 8:17 PM** I stood next to him They had a pitch from mims for his new recordgram crypto At the end of the night **RockSteady — Today at 8:19 PM** It sounds like you guys had a pretty good time, and I’m glad you could make it out there. would you two like to share any other memories of the night? **Roger Robers — Today at 8:20 PM** This lady I met Kate brought her maybe 10 year old son to the event and he had a free pitch where he talked about gaming skins or something haha **RockSteady — Today at 8:20 PM** I forgot to ask about the award! the whole purpose of the interview **Roger Robers — Today at 8:21 PM** Coindaddy was like “this is my target audience” **crappyrules — Today at 8:21 PM** yeah that was a little strange dude targeting 10 year old boys **Roger Robers — Today at 8:21 PM** Lol Do you have the pics of our sexy award?(edited) **RockSteady — Today at 8:22 PM** Tell me about the award, and what it was like accepting it. I remember the video stream cut out before your speech. Do you still have a copy of the speech they asked you to bring? (please include any pics or videos or anything you want in this room) **crappyrules — Today at 8:23 PM** When they surprisingly announce us for the award we both went up to the podeum. Adam had jumped Roger Robers apparently while I was still searching for my $60 parking spot and had him prepare an acceptance speech. I had him read his speech first and then I just free styled a little bit about what turtle coin was and what RockSteady and Bebops visions were that night at the bar. The best reaction though was the look on everyone’s faces when I told them that our ANN was on 4chan /biz/ **Roger Robers — Today at 8:25 PM** I’ll try to paraphrase best I can since i think I tossed the slip of paper i wrote it on. “If you had told me just 10 days ago I would be accepting an award on behalf of TurtleCoin I would have said what the hell is TurtleCoin. I was welcomed into this community with open arms and it is a honor to be here to represent this awesome community” **crappyrules — Today at 8:25 PM** Like, you knew they’d all been on there, but didn’t want to admit it. **Roger Robers — Today at 8:26 PM** I told em I was a noob and how easy it is to get involved **crappyrules — Today at 8:26 PM** Not everyone wears their /b/tard patch with pride **Roger Robers — Today at 8:27 PM** ![](*x_S9FMBObKXgRXcL.)![](*q35CsPHRrwaZKvJS.)This award may or may not have been pawned to pay for party favors after the show. Ayyy I found what I wrote **RockSteady — Today at 8:29 PM** sweet lets hear it **Roger Robers — Today at 8:31 PM** “If you had told me 10 days ago that I would be accepting an award on behalf of the TurtleCoin community I would have said ‘what the hell is turtlecoin?’ That’s because I only found out about TurtleCoin last week and let me say how glad I am that I did! Immediately, i was welcomed with open arms and helped through the process of getting started by the people on discord. The community here is something really special, otherwise I wouldn’t be have driven all this way to be here today, thank you” **RockSteady — Today at 8:32 PM** That’s a flatteringly accurate depiction of how we operate. Thanks again for going. crappy, what was your speech like? **crappyrules — Today at 8:33 PM** I can’t really remember tbh. **RockSteady — Today at 8:34 PM** Roger Robers did you end up staying the night in the airbnb? how was it? **crappyrules — Today at 8:34 PM** I just rambled on for a minute or two about TurtleCoin, the tech, were it came from, etc. I pretty much just shot from the hip **RockSteady — Today at 8:35 PM** were people actually listening at this point, or was the lack of alcohol causing people to zone out **Roger Robers — Today at 8:35 PM** The air bnb was really nice, it was on Roosevelt island and the people’s place I stayed at were like yeah don’t mention the air bnb because we’re not allowed to be doing it. Other than that, the people who hosted me were very friendly and hospitable RockSteady luckily we weren’t the last award to be given out haha **RockSteady — Today at 8:38 PM** Roger Robers were people fairly well behaved the whole night? The live stream looked like things were moving along with a mind of its own at some point. I think I even saw a guy say a few intense words and drop the mic before walking off stage. Did I see ILC just commandeer the microphone and start announcing nominees? **crappyrules — Today at 8:39 PM** I saw quite a few eyes open up and look our way when I was doing my speech and mentioned the words “minable coin” I don’t think anyone in the room have actually met an actual miner before **Roger Robers — Today at 8:42 PM** The guy that did the Mic drop was up for funniest YouTube I think it was just in jest he did that. Everything was well behaved, no looting or rioting but some guy did have to shush me and crappy for shilling turtle too loudly ILC is I love crypto? If so yeah he announced a few award winners **RockSteady — Today at 8:44 PM** That’s pretty cool. I think overall the night was a win for TurtleCoin. **Roger Robers — Today at 8:44 PM** \[michelangelo ninja turtle emoji\] **RockSteady — Today at 8:45 PM** crappyrules Roger Robers what’s next for you fellas?Do you think you’ll ever go to another meetup as our award carrying emissaries? **Roger Robers — Today at 8:45 PM** Getting to meet crappyrules was one of the best parts of the night so if we could do this again that would be great **RockSteady — Today at 8:46 PM** \[smile emoji\] thanks for the interview, guys I’m going to assemble this convo into a medium article **Roger Robers — Today at 8:47 PM** \[thumbs up emoji\] **crappyrules — Today at 8:48 PM** I’d go again on the guarantee of free alcohol and weed and if that cannot be provided, I’ll take a six pack of street hookers. \[middle finger emoji\]\]