Reminder to upgrade your software tonight!

With the upgrade taking effect in less than 24 hours, we felt it was important to remind everyone to upgrade your software before you turn into a pumpkin!

Before we begin, go here and start the appropriate download for your system:


Chukwa, it’s the name of our new hashing algorithm. To make it brief, it’s Argon2id based, loves CPU miners, and is the first significant departure away from the Cryptonote family of hashing algorithms. Read more here »


This upgrade mainly concerns people who run mining pools, web wallets, asset exchanges, and other services that rely on the core software for their connection to the network to provide services to you. If you’re just a user, you’ll still want to upgrade, but just be sure to do it before the next time you want to access your funds.


As with all of our network upgrades, you can track them with our handy countdown on the official block explorer. Click here »

We do these types of upgrades several times per year as part of our commitment to a fair mining environment.


You can always get the latest software you should be running at this URL:


We believe mining should be fair for as many people as possible, and that means no ASIC on the network until everyone can have that advantage, which means there needs to be more than a handful of competitive ASIC manufacturers and it needs to be a decision the entire community comes to before we can allow it.

Thanks for reading and being a part of this evolution of the TRTL Network :) if you started downloading the new software when you started reading this, it should be done now.

We thank you for choosing TurtleCoin for your services!

Originally published at TurtleCoin.