Mining Turtles in Spanish — Interview with CryptoHispano of Bytecanarias

Some time ago we began a series of interviews with pool owners who operated mining pools with unique flair about them, or who had ventured off the beaten path in what they offer their miners. The goal was to help decentralize the network’s mining power, which we actually accomplished. We still want to interview our service operators though, both because it’s fun and it helps you guys get to know those in your local community.

Speaking of local communities, today we have a special interview for those of you in our Spanish speaking community- an interview with CryptoHispano who operates a pool for our Spanish speaking miners. We’re very thankful to get to speak with them and happy to introduce you!

I went hunting for a good turtle mining pic and found this in the memes channel :D Minecraft turtle and rainborg by WarlordN1k from the Discord


Thank you for taking the time to do this interview with the community, CryptoHispano. Your pool is special to us because you are one of the few who cater to a regional community, in this case, the Spanish-speaking community. How did you get started in mining, and if you don’t mind, tell us a bit about the Spanish-speaking mining community you’ve created.

Hi, thank you for this opportunity to explain about the Cryptohispano project. I started with a friend riding a rig and good investigating a bit of how it worked all that rig, the riser and all those strange words that I hear in this world. We started mining Eth until we reached the goal of two, in that period of learning, I met people for chats and with some I made good friendships in particular with Jorge who was a Dev from a company and commented why not set up our popio pool. I told him that I would help him as much as I can since I’m not a programmer and I do not know how to program. We said we are going to open a pool for the Hispanic community and from there was born a pool that is born to bring the cryptos closer to people who have problems with the language barrier, as I Carlos (bytecanarias) do not speak English nor what I write and I saw that it cost a lot to get information, that they explained how this was going, where it started, etc. I told Jorge we had the pool but everything will be in Spanish, to reach all those people who do not understand English very much or even do not master anything. So he got down to work and we set up a BCN pool with the bad luck that the ASISC went into BCN in the weekend and we had to leave or die, one of the members of the channel, a restless Raul, was always saying look at this model look at the other and in one of those named Turtlecoin, because we started looking at it and we lived with many people behind working on it and responding in time to doubts, Jorge said that these people are serious on GitHub all well ordered , explained step by step, a very clean code “This coin will be very good” so we lasso for the turtles.

After a month, due to work issues, Jorge left the project and I saw myself alone, so I started to investigate and ask and bother all those who were in the channel, in the end I found people who helped me with all the problems and I am very grateful that there are people who want to help. I help in what I can to all within my limitations since not knowing about programming I can only help with what I have learned. I also want to tell since I have the opportunity to ask me why the pool has the 1% fee and there are pools that are at 0% is something that I also wonder, because with the work that costs to keep the pool in operation, the rental of hosting and the hours of dedication that this requires I do not understand either. Thank the entire community that supports us and those who continue to do so. We will continue to strive to be a great community.


Cryptohispano, you’ve been a very good gift to the Spanish-speaking miner community. What do you think TurtleCoin can do to engage the international community more effectively?

Well, from my point of view I honestly would not know what to say, on the part of the miners, what I always hear them is that they would like the currency to rise or that there would be less suppley for it to rise in value more quickly. I think that for a coin to take value you need to use, understand both physical and online. For example, I accept crypts for the hiring of vps I think that if many were like this we would achieve that the cryptos had a real use and not of expectation.

What Turtlecoin could do or try is to find a way to use it so that it takes form and value. Supermarkets, neighborhood stores go looking for people who are willing to accept them like me.


CryptoHispano, it has been a pleasure to interview you, and I hope our Spanish speakers will find a comfortable community mining with you!

Originally published at TurtleCoin.