Interview w/ Cision from Turtle Pool Party

Decentralizing the network hash rate is important, so that any one pool owner going rogue or a single server breaking doesn’t also tank the rest of the network. The purpose of this new series is to encourage the decentralization of mining power by highlighting unique pools that are coming up in the TRTL mining biz. Choosing a smaller pool helps the network secure your assets by not giving any single person enough power to call the shots for you. Thanks for choosing to balance the hashrate, and I hope you enjoy the interview — RockSteady

Turtle Mining Pool

Turtle Mining Pool Mining Pool

RockSteady — Thanks for taking the time to do this interview. The purpose of the interview series is to help spread out the community’s mining power by highlighting smaller pools that have cool and unique things about them. This week, we’ve chosen is one of the longest running pools on the TRTL Network, and at times was even the biggest. How long have you been operating mining pools in general, and how long have you been operating a TRTL mining pool?

Cision — First off, I would like to thank you and the other devs for giving the smaller pools this great opportunity to shine and get some new miners :) To be honest my TurtleCoin pool was my first cryptopool since back in 2010 when i had my own Bitcoin pool where my friends and I mined. I started my TurtlePool back in January (2018–01–17–7:52AM , if my logs are correct) it has been a long journey, I’ve gained a lot of experience and valuable knowledge in crypto.

RockSteady — If you had to highlight one unique thing about your pool to a new user, what would it be?

Cision — We have our own unique design with a bunch of detailed statistics from days, weeks and months. Then our geolocation system that let you connect with low latency to our pool all around the world, ops that was two things :)

RockSteady — That’s cool about the geolocation. Tell me more about that, what brought it on, and what’s it do for the miner?

Cision — It did all start with a couple of miners from USA and Asia that really wanted to mine at our pool but they didnt want 200–400ms latency while doing it so we came up with a leaf system that let users mine to a node close to them instead (1–50ms) and this node acts like a leaf for our pool so we cut the latency by 50–90% around the world, we are using Amazon for our geolocation routing system (Route 53) to put them on a leaf closest to them and with the best latency. This means we only need to have one pool for USA, EU and Asia, we can put them under the same roof and build a strong community around it.

RockSteady — Interesting! How did you find TRTL, and how has mining changed since you started?

Cision — It was actually a pure coincidence because fruktstav from z-pool invited me to start mine at his pool and told me about TurtleCoin, i think he posted about it on Facebook in a Swedish group if i remember correct. TurtleCoin was my first coin i started to mine after my Bitcoin drive back in 2010–2011 so i havent mined anything else before it and i stuck with it because of the amazing community. Mining has changed for me from being a little extra income to learning so much new in the field and blockchain technology.

RockSteady — What is next on the agenda for your pool? Do you plan to do anything new soon?

Cision — Next up will be stats per worker so they will be visible on the frontend and not only over the API.

RockSteady — What other services do you run or plan to launch?

Cision — We run our own block explorer over at and publicnodes at Right now we are focusing on to get some businesses interested into using TurtleCoin as payment method.

RockSteady — That’s great, I hope more people take ownership of the future of the network by approaching vendors for similar integrations. In your opinion, where would you like to see TRTL going next if you had it your way?

Cision — I would like to see TurtleCoin being picked up by the gaming community, its a big community and they would have use for a coin like this thats fast and have good support from devs and community itself.

RockSteady — Is there anything you’d like to add?

Cision — I would like to wish everyone good luck on their crypto adventures



RockSteady — good interview, I’ll get it up tonight

Cision — ok im heading to bed

see u tomorrow

RockSteady — night

Originally published at TurtleCoin.