How To Be A Good Turtle

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An illustrated Guide For Identifying Good Turtles

As always, we Turtles learn by doing, and while I was doing a bad job of informing the community what we like to see, a Good Turtle came along and showed me some resources that I could use to help you guys! Thanks Uurayan!

1. A Good Turtle Always Says Hello!

Seeing someone pop in the chat is always exciting. Take a second from your conversation to welcome them!

Here you can see Mr. Bones and Shiraz being very welcoming Turtles. Great job guys!

Say hello to someone by @’ing their username when you see them, and maybe a small welcome phrase if they’re arriving from a recent event that got us a lot of new faces.

Bring the new person up to speed on the conversation at hand and give them some context, and then ask for their input. Everyone has a voice here, and a good way to get to know someone is to get them involved as soon as they hit the floor.

2. A Good Turtle Is Happy To Be Helpful!

Being new can be scary and frustrating, especially if you need help! When you see Turtles who need help, even if you don’t know the answer, acknowledge them and allow them to explain to you what’s going on.

Ereptor and Turtle? are two Good Turtles in the #help channel

When someone asks for help, even if you don’t know the answer, please take a second to pop in the #help channel and grab someone who can help. Try not to just bark back at them “Go ask #help”, if you can, take them by the shell and go there with them and see that they find help.

People will be frustrated, that’s okay! Keep your convo 100% related to fixing their problems and you’ll win them over every time when they’re fixed. The most angry people will be your most passionate supporters if you help them.

3. A Good Turtle Knows Their Surroundings!

Sometimes the party can get a little out of hand, and conversations can drift into uncertain waters, that’s okay! We’ve made lots of channels for you to express yourself.

When in doubt, take it to #market-talk

  • Are you in #dev_marketing because you invested at 1235 SAT and demand to know when the next sweet pump sesh is happening? Is your question in any way related to price, trade, or markets?
    Market talk goes in #market-talk.
  • Are you sure you need to post the brand new issue of NSFW Turtentacle Hentai vol. XVII in general chat?
    Post it in #off-topic
  • Do you see someone complaining about not being given enough free TRTL or otherwise disrespecting the general giving spirit of the chat?
    Tell them to post it in #exile where there are no rain or tip bots.
  • Are you standing in #devgeneral shouting about not being able to sync your daemon?
    **_Get a glass of water, and post it in #help.

Disappointed with the amount of your free TRTL? We can fix that.

General is the first chat in the list under #announcements, and that is where they form their first impressions. Please be nice, and be thinking at all times “Is this conversation representing the community in a good way?”

You don’t have to be a party pooper to kindly guide the conversation where it belongs; don’t point fingers if you get called out for being in the wrong spot, and don’t put up a fight when you’re asked to go.

What To Do When You See A Good Turtle!

  1. Thank them! Tell them they make the chat a better place. Tip them if you feel like they did something good!
    If others see you recognizing a Good Turtle for their effort, they’ll want to do the same. You don’t have to take it from me, just Google search “The Big Bang Theory Episode About Pavlov Response”.. Here’s a clip: Penny is a good Turtle.

2. Help them! Good Turtles Multiply!

Anybody can help, even if you’re not a coder. If you see someone trying to help a user and the user is taking the drama to a new level, be the soothing voice that pops in and reiterates what the helpful Turtle is trying to say. Sometimes hearing something from another person’s words helps.

Never forget the Turtles who helped you

3. When You See A Good Turtle, Post A Link To This Article And Let Other’s Know What Makes This Person So Great!

Good Turtles make this community thrive, and without them we’d be lost. Even if it is not on this list, find a way to acknowledge the Good Turtles, and let them know you appreciate their hard work!

Thanks again to Uurayan for helping us pay attention to the things that matter and urging us to create a framework for what exactly makes the ideal chatter.